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Front view of a Silver 1985 BMW K100RS.

My 1985 K100RS – It ain’t pretty but still runs like a champ after 33 years.

At 129,000+ miles, still of full pep & punch. It has been as far west as New Mexico and as far east as the Polish-Belarus border. And here is proof that I am a knucklehead- I have kept detailed track of all the maintenance for the past 20 years.

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1985 K100RS WB1051305F-0040342
13.4K- March 98
NEW:oil Filter,plugs,fr&rr pads &, fr.&rr.master cylinder rebuilt,rear brake reservoir & hose,fork seals,roundels,injectors,fuel pump,fuel filter, battery, ME33/88, heated grips, switch, relay
LUBE: motor, trans, axle, brake & forks ,radiator,centerstand,all

13.5k March 98
LUBE: motor/trans & differential(synth)
NEW: crankcase vent tube, Left Front Foot Peg Rubber, heated grips, aux.Bosch lamp, 2 toggle switches, 2 relays,H4
ADJUST: Throttle bodies, clutch,cleaned speedo-rear drive sensor

14.8k- April 98
LUBE: Engine,axle spline, axle, trans
NEW: oil filter, tank cap seal, cap o-ring, saddle bag hinges

17k May 98
LUBE: motor, axle, trans
NEW: airfilter, oil filter
ADJUST:cleaned speedo-rear drive sensor

21k June 98
NEW: oil filter, clutch cable
LUBE: motor, axle
ADJUST: cleaned speedo- drive sensor

25k July 98
NEW: oil filter, tires ME33/55a
LUBE: motor, axle, trans
ADJUST:cleaned speedo-rear drive sensor

29K July 98
NEW: oil filter, spark plugs
LUBE: motor, axle
ADJUST: cleaned speedo-rear drive sensor

33k August 98
NEW: oil filter
LUBE: motor, axle
ADJUST: cleaned speedo-rear drive sensor

35k August 98
NEW: tires ME33/55a

37k September 98
NEW: oil filter, air filter,sparkplugs
LUBE: motor,axle, trans, forks
ADJUST: valves (LS=$60), timing, throttle sync.,cleaned speedo-rear drive sensor

40k – November 98
NEW: Cable(ground), 22 liter top-case, oil filter, exhaust header crush gaskets,clutch, cleaned exhaust pipes
LUBE: engine & axle splines,motor,axle, coolant

43k- January 99
LUBE: Motor, All, Trans, Axle
NEW: Oil Filter, ME33/88, 4-way Hazard Switch, Accessory plug, Aux. LED Rear Lite
ADJUST: cleaned speedo-rear drive sensor

46k May 99
LUBE: motor, axle

NEW: rear hub cap & roundel, valve cover grommets (22x), Wesco Gel Battery 28AH

47k June 99
NEW: Rear drive seals (3x), bag mounts
LUBE: axle, driveshaft splines, Techron

49.5k- July 99
NEW: oil,fuel,airfilter, sparkplugs , centerframe-to-bat.groundwire, rear engine seal, 2nd gear, front & rear trans.seal,shift drum, bearings;output shaft, foot shift lever, clutch, ME1 COMP K
LUBE: motor,transmission,driveshaft
ADJUST: throttlebodies balanced,
CO adjust @2.5ppm, clean & lube starter, clean speedo sendunit,timing 33d @6k rpm

50k- August 99
NEW: Hall Transmitter cover gasket,

LUBE: transmission,stands,cable pivots

ADJUST: clutch, topped off anti-freeze reservoir

51k- October 99
NEW: ME33 COMPK, Alarm, Wind Deflector,

LUBE: Clutch cable pivot points

ADJUST: clutch

52k October 99
LUBE: Motor, Axle, Trans, All
ADJUST: Clutch
NEW: H4 bulb

54.5k January 00
NEW: ME1 Comp K, (2x)steering head bearings, seal rings on forks(top & bottom)
LUBE: forks, throttle & clutch pivot points, brakes flushed

55k February 00
LUBE: Motor, Axle, center stand
NEW: brake master cylinders (front & rear) temperature gauge & sending unit, oil filter, gas cap & lock tumbler, left mirror mounting plate, fuel pump rubber dampener & ring
INSPECT: fork seals, fuel line hoses (internal)

56.0k March 00
NEW: Macadam 50E (front)

56.5 k-April 00
LUBE: Motor, Trans, Axle
NEW: Oil Filter

57.7k- April 00
NEW: Center Stand
LUBE: Motor

58k May 00
LUBE: Motor
NEW: Oil Filter

59k June 00
NEW: ME1, rear tire valve

60k- July 00
LUBE: Motor, controls, stands, locks, fuel injector cleaner
NEW: spark plugs, air & oil filter, fuel filter

62k- SEPT 00
NEW: coolant temperature switch, H4
Corbin Gunfighter Seat, Works Shock
LUBE: coolant 50/50, oil

63k Oct 00
NEW: MAC 50 rear tire, brake pads- front & rear, rebuilt front brake calipers, oil filter, hand grips
ADJUST: valves, cleaned speedo sending unit, rebuilt ignition lock
LUBE: motor, trans, axle, all,

64.4k Dec 00
LUBE: forks, BMW fuel additive
NEW: front wheel bearings,MAC50E front tire, front wheel valve stem
ADJUST: throttle bodies, CO level

65k- Dec 00
LUBE:motor (synth), flush
NEW: oil filter

66k- JAN 01
NEW: swing arm bearings
LUBE: drive shaft splines

69k July 01
NEW: oil Filter, spark plugs,fuel pump, fuel filter, fuelpressure regulator, injectors,throttle assembly(3x), grips, H4 , tank bag,crankcase tube
LUBE: Axle,motor,trans
SERVICE: inspect & siliconed forks, add techron fuel, emptied & flushed fueltank & fueltank vents, cleaned all engine electrical connectors, Adjust throttle bodies & CO level

72k- November 01
LUBE- Motor, Coolant
NEW- ME50 rear tyre, spark plugs, Oil filter, thermostat
CHECKED- CO level, throttle body balance, plug wires resistance

74K- April 02 LEVEL II
LUBE: motor, Trans, Diff,
NEW: Oil Filter, spark plugs, fuel pump
SERVICE: silicon fork tubes, stands & cable ends lubed

75k- July 02
LUBE: motor
NEW: fuel & air filter
SERVICE: Brake Fluid Flushed
Seat recovered

76k- Jan 03
NEW: (4x)exhaust valves, hall transmitter, oil seal, intake bellows, head gasket, spark plugs
FLUIDS: Motor, coolant

77k Oct 03
NEW: oil filter
LUBE: Motor

77kMay 03 Annual
NEW: oil filter, front & rear tires, plug wires
LUBE: motor, trans, diff, brake fluid, cable ends, stands, fork fluid, drive shaft
ADJUST: Valves, throttle bodies, set CO level,timing

79.5k- February 04
NEW: Oil filter
LUBE: Motor
SERVICE: Batt.H2O, brake resv. fluid changed

81.2k May 04 Level II / Annual
NEW:sparkplugs,oilfilter,rear main seal, o-ring, nut & washer,Battery- BMW Mareg
LUBE: motor,rear.diff,trans., brake fluid,cable ends, stands, coolant,splines(3x)
SERVICE: clutch@ 5mm, batt-H2O, adj.throttle bodies, CO level, drained & cleaned fuel tank

84.2k OCT 04
NEW: new tires-ME330/ME550,oil filter, fuel filter, plenum intake tubes, 4x fuel injectors, 4x spark plugs

SERVICE: cleaned fuel tank, fuel pump filter screen, sync & C/O

LUBE: motor, forks, all

89.5k Level II- JUN 05
LUBE: All, forks, trans, diff,driveshaft

NEW: fork seal (R)
SERVICE: brake fluid flush, speedo sensor clean, battery H20,starter clean

86k FEB 05
LUBE: motor, coolant, brake fluid
NEW: air, fuel,& oil filter, oil/waterpump rebuild, rt. crankcase cover gasket, gas tank vent hoses (2x)
SERVICE: cooling system chemical flush

89.1k MAY 05
LUBE: motor, coolant

NEW: sparkplugs, hi-pressure fuel regulator, oil filter,radiator fan
SERVICE: oil pan reseal, temp sensor OK
FT 3/32″ / RT 4/32″

90.65k SEP 05
NEW: tires; fr & rr (MAC 50)

92k SEP 05
LUBE: motor
NEW: oil filter

94k Nov 05
NEW: oil filter, valve cover gaskets (complete), sparkplugs 4163 Autolite
LUBE: motor
SERVICE: clean ignition switch, balance throttle bodies

96k NOV 05
NEW: fuel line-input side of fuel rail
SERVICE: cleaned fuel tank, cleaned fuel pump strainer, cleaned under tank electrical connectors

98k Level II MARCH 06
NEW: spark plugs
LUBE: motor, trans, axle, coolant, brake fluid
SERVICE: bled brakes

A100k JULY 06
NEW: oil filter, fuel filter
LUBE: motor,
SERVICE:battery H2O

NEW: tires. front brake pads

A102k APRIL 07
NEW: oil filter;fork seal-RH
LUBE: motor, forks
SERVICE: bled brakes


NEW: oil filter, sparkplugs, fuel filter
LUBE: motor, trans, diff, forks, brake reservoirs, all
SERVICE: battery (H20) & cleaned eletrical connectors, flushed fuel tank, cleaned speedo sensor

A107K APRIL 2008
NEW: oil filter, H20 pump: shaft, h20 seal, oil seal, impeller
LUBE: motor, coolant, brake reservoirs
SERVICE: throttle sync, TPS adjust, battery H2O

A109k JULY 2008
NEW: fuel filter
LUBE: trans & diff, brake fluid
SERVICE: battery, drained & cleaned fueltank

A111k OCT 08
NEW: oil filter, spark plugs, airfilter, fuel lines, vacuum hose
LUBE: all, motor
SERVICE: fuel cleaner & dry gas

A114k FEBRUARY 2009
NEW: battery- Odyssey PC625, oil filter, rear brake pads
LUBE: engine, transmssion, differential,forks
SERVICE: bleed brakes, lube all, check radiator coolant level,

A114.6k MARCH 2009
NEW: Front Michelin Macadam 50 4/32″
SERVICE: inspected front brake pads-OK

A115k APRIL 2009
NEW: rear tire MAC 50 8/32″
LUBE: drive shaft
SERVICE: adjust swingarm bearings

A117.5k SEPTEMBER 2009
NEW: oil filter, spark plugs
LUBE: motor
SERVICE: bleed brakes, dry gas

A120.5k NOVEMBER 2009
NEW: oil filter & o-ring
LUBE: engine, coolant, differential, brake fluid, all, forks,trans

A120.5K APRIL 2012
NEW: oil

A122.5k DECEMBER 2015
NEW: oil & fuel filter, spark plugs, coolant, spare clutch cable . H3 LED yellow bulbs
LUBE: engine, differential, brake fluid, all, coolant, forks, trans, throttle, all
CHECKED OK: air filter, cleaned fuel tank, cleaned speedo sensor

A122.6K APRIL 2016
NEW: battery Odyssey PC680MJ, Front SHINKO 712 – 6mm

A124k JUNE 2016
NEW: oil filter, rear tire Shinko 712 – 6mm, rear brake pads, 4x o-rings idle air screws (NAPA 727-2007),
4x vacuum caps, crankcase vent hose, o-ring filter cover, carbon brushes & plate; starter o-rings & oil seal
LUBE: motor, trans (synth), center stand, clutch links
SERVICE: hot soak, fuel injector cleaner

A126k AUGUST 2016
NEW: alternator brushes, oil filter
LUBE: motor

A128k OCTOBER 2016
NEW: oil sight glass
LUBE: motor, break fuid reservoirs

A128.5K DECEMBER 2016
Winter Prep: motor oil, oil filter, Seafoam

A128.5 FEBRUARY 2017
NEW: spark plugs
LUBE: motor, rear.diff, brake fluid reservoirs, all

A129K JUNE 2017
NEW: oil filter
LUBE: engine

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