King June Bug versus Cicadazilla

Cambodian temple and statue.

King June Bug versus Cicadazilla, which insect will rule this summer?

Gardens are blooming, economies booming, and we are ignoring inflation as best we can holding back on price increases. There have been few insects, hence the battle between King June Bug versus Cicadazilla has not materialized. Since springtime is a great time of year, we decided to make it better with a choice of discounts on purchases from now until the end of D-Day the Sixth of June, 2021. So here’s the schpeel…

June has arrived without any brooding insects at our corporate office in NE Ohio so we decided to bug y’all.

Spend $10.00 using code VBTWRKM7 and receive $2.00 off your purchase.

Spend $20.00 using code 7676WJRP and receive $5.00 off your purchase.

If you forward ths email to your friends they will also get this discount. Remember sale ends soon!

Flower painting in many colors and not related to King June Bug versus Cicadazilla.


The brushes are out and a new series of paintings are emerging. Recently my mother gave ne all of her acrlic paints in new and many metallic colors. This could be interesting. Check out my current inventory of artwork.

Amazon has approved these notebooks featuring these new designs and link will be posted next to each piece. FYI the paintings come with free shipping to the lower 48 US States. Outside that I will hand deliver overseas if purchases a round trip ticket to the delivery destination. Hey, everybody needs a vacation every once in awhile.


In Southeast Asia one will discover Cambodians (They call themselves Khmers) learn English more than the neighboring ASEAN countries. Since it is 3rd Tier English often taught by non-native speakers and when mixed in with social media, a hybrid develops- that’s were Khmenglish comes in. We offer a 500+ term dictionary filled with humor and sarcasm explaining the ins and outs of its usage. But why mention it now? Well its being updated and translated into French and Spanish. It should hit shelves, Amazon and Google Playstore by July 2021. Learn more.

The weather is just too darn nice to sit here in front of the computer screen, so we will say farewell and be safe out there. Send us those pics wearing our shirts from all your worldwide holiday locations this summer!

Adios, Anthony