5, 4, 3, 2, Now only 1.5 Reasons Remain until “Cool” is Gone, – anthonymrugacz.com
Loudspeaker on a pole in Kampong Cham , Cambodia.

Cambodia is a gambler’s paradise if your a foriegner (barang).

Try to walk into a casino if your a Khmer (Cambodian National) and legally you can be turned away. So the foreigners are left to gamble but not just in the casinos but investing in a business in Phnom Penh. opening a bar seems to be the dream of newcomer ex-pats. An even wilder one is if they think one could easily open and operate a venue with live music and be profitable. I recently came across a short online article by Joseph Wrigley that laid out “Five Reasons Why Phnom Penh Has A Cool Music Scene“. So if your interested in “Living the dream”, see what has become of the few who have tried before

The #1 reason was killed recently in a vehicle accident. Also another live music venue, reason #3, shuttered its doors and with rents that have skyrocketed for no sound economic principles behind the increase.And now the fifth (5th) reason in the article is only partially correct in 2018. The last man standing seems to be only a digital enterprise, so give it a quick read before this musical paradise is lost forever.

Khmer woman pouring a beer into a mug in Phnom Penh.A gentle reminder when in Cambodia…

“Drink not drunk, drink for what.”

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