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2 Shots and a Chaser

2 Shots and a Chaser
Duration: 1hr18minYear: 2013
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“2 Shots and a Chaser began as a casual request to fill a slot on a random Friday night and what sounded good at the time was strumming out a little rockabilly. I (Jet Odrerir) had kicked out some tunes with my mate Ziad Samman during my open mic nights and he was game for cranking a couple of acoustic guitars through a board to see how bad it could sound. Norwegian pounder Henrik Rasmussen became the ‘chaser’ to our impromptu double-frontman chaos machine. If The Cramps could make their best records without a bass player, we could give it a shot too. We had a great crowd but everyone sat outside because our acoustic guitars combined with one of the loudest drummers I’ve ever played with was a bit over the top. It was so fun and obnoxious that we had to keep doing it. We had a number of lineup changes during our venture but the main ones were – Brent Clark joined in on saxophone and Julien Mariani replaced Henrik on drums after he left Cambodia. So what if it was now a four piece? We liked the name so it stayed. Playing at Equinox was particularly good because getting loud acoustic guitars to behave is a challenge, mix in a saxophone and it really gets messy. Gigs are so much better when everyone can hear themselves and we tore it up. On top of that, local swing dancers the Phnom Penh Pswingers came down to take advantage of there being a dance floor in front of the stage (something a surprising number of PP venues lack). A helluva night that even sounded good listening back to it later (another bonus, getting a recording of the show).”  Jet

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