Adobo Conspiracy – November 23rd, 2013 –

Adobo Conspiracy – November 23rd, 2013

Adobo Conspiracy – November 23rd, 2013
Duration: 41minYear: 2013
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The Phnom Penh music scene back then was that if you wanted to be along at the top tier of the plethora of bands playing in the city, it was frigging mandatory to land a gig at Equinox. Equinox was known to host not only the best bands in town, but also the occasional international acts that visited Phnom Penh. We were a relatively new band back then, and we had to make some noise if we wanted to be recognized. To us, the target was to be able to land a gig at Equinox. We had played at about almost all the other live music venues except Equinox, and when we were finally invited to come play, we were so happy I swear we saw an apparition of sneering angels just fly by. Ok, just ignore that last part.

We didn’t know what to make out of our first gig at Equinox – we were a little bit nervous. But then there was Anthony, Equinox’s revered and uber-meticulous sound manager. If you know Anthony, YOU’LL KNOW that he gets his shit done. If it means giving you a fucking lecture on sound, then fuck it. You’re getting it. It was like divine intervention. Only American.

Bands crave to play at Equinox for two reasons. One, it’s simply awesome. Two, you get free audio and video recordings. Now depending on how you played that night, the freebies will either make you feel good or it will shame you like a stripped down convict taking a shower with muscular naked men in a prison shower. But playing at Equinox has always been like ordering fries and getting a free bucket of cheese for free. It was just pure bliss in all its celestial, gastronomic goodness.

Viva Equinox. Seth

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