A Puppet, A Poem, and A Piano – Part 1 of 3

Exploring the current lives of three artists during the Pandemic of 2021.

3D Design & Sculpting

Paul Brooke

Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Where do you get your Inspiration for original works?

My inspiration comes from just wanting to make the things I see in my head able to be seen by others. My dad would always bring home big stacks of used printer paper so I could draw on the back. I was 2, my grams did watercolors, one of the 1st things I remember is her teaching: “hey, that’s a paintbrush, not a mop”. In 2nd grade, I had an art teacher who offered me free art lessons over summer break. She was so nice, who does that?! In high school I also lucked out with 3 great art teachers who actively kept me out of trouble, let me create my own art study and got me some of my 1st paying freelance gigs.

Favorite medium to work in?

My favorite mediums these days are clay and sculpting wax. But I didn’t start sculpting until I was into my 30’s. Before that is was just pencil on paper.

Favorite medium for profit?

As far as earning with “art”, the toy industry has been the most profitable and fun. So that’s where I stayed. Whether the economy is good or bad, people always buy toys.

Electro-mechanical puppets – what started you doing this?

Puppets and automatons have always fascinated, I made marionettes as a child. I started making automatons only recently, during COVID-19 lock down, to keep myself sane. I’ve always like to collect things, motors, gears, odds and ends. If I decide to make something, I usually have parts on hand. I call it junk sculpture.

Changes to your work during pandemic?

When the lock-down started, I got laid off from the best job I ever had, lost all benefits and family Heath insurance, no severance package. But, I had been a freelancer before and now I am again. Things were slow at first but getting better. When the epidemic subsides, I think we will experience an economic and creative boom. I’m also learning to sculpt digitally so I can stay current in this creative and ever evolving industry.

Which direction do you want to take your artistry?

In the future, if I make it to retirement and get my youngest though college, I’ll still be creating stuff but I’m not sure what. I will follow my muses wherever they might lead me.

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All photos courtesy of Paul Brooke.