Various photos from the life of Anthony Mrugacz and his adventures.

All About- Art, Music, and Adventures

Welcome to our website- we are about art, music, and adventures. Our art is done with pencil, brush, and/or computer. Drop us a line or link with your art, music, or adventures- we love to discover. We have also been known to do fun short interviews so get in touch with us to promote your career, The music links are from my decades working in the entertainment industry. Additionally, the adventure part comes from being a motorcycle enthusiast and previous 4-wheel drive truck owner. Yes, we are working on out brand story for those who are curious on how the art quest began to where it has evolved now…


  • Artwork – portfolio of my past completed acrylic paintings and color pencil drawings.
  • Drawings – Color pencils works done whilst I was highly caffeinated.
  • Paintings – Acrylic on canvas – inspired by my motorcycle camping trip to Poland and viewing traditional folk art.



  • Adventure Touring on a Motorcycle -1985 K100RS Beemer is My Choice for Travel and easy to maintain and afford
  • DNA Test Results -100% Polish for decades until I discovered my centuries old past. 5% Meso-American & 6% Asiatic.
  • Photography – A somewhat organized list and display of some great pics from life adventures.
Product Information
  • Amazon Merch T-Shirts – My brand of short and long sleeve shirts are also available on Amazon.
  • Android App – definitive Khmenglish dictionary to understand the English Usage & Slang in Cambodia.
  • Author’s Page on Amazon – All my publishing on the behemoth named Amazon.
  • eBooks – Adventure journals, political science and historical publications written by moi.
  • Notebooks – Absolute motherload of over 200 designer covers to choose from.
  • Pocket Sized Notebooks – For adventurous individuals! Perfect size for traveller, observer, craftsman, student, musician, or poet.
  • Product Reviews – Don’t take my word for it, see what people have to say.
  • Worldwide Distribution – Our Tshirts and long-sleeves are available around the globe in your neighborhood.
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  • Google Local Guide -Level 6 ✶ Approximately 5 million views of photos posted globally.