About – Art, Music, Adventures and more…

Various photos from the life of Anthony Mrugacz and his adventures.

Welcome to our website- we enjoy art, music, and adventures. Our art is done with pencil, brush, and/or computer. The music links are from my decades working in the entertainment industry. Additionally, the adventure part comes from being a photographer, motorcycle enthusiast and previous 4-wheel drive truck owner. Recent adventures are being a computer fanatic being in pandemic lock down. Please join the adventure, sign up for our newsletter.


  • ARTWORK – Portfolio of acrylic paintings and color pencil drawings.

  • OPEN SEA NFTs – Our latest endeavor into WEB3 digital art.


  • ERECTOR SET (Cincinnati, Ohio) – MP3s pulled from a vintage bootleg videotape


  • GENEALOGY – The long road searching Internet and government archives.

  • PHOTOGRAPHY – List of some great pics from life adventures.