Best Affiliate Links courtesy of Anthony Mrugacz

These are products we use and recommend 100% – check out Affiliate Links recommended by Anthony Mrugacz. I use these everyday and have become a mainstay in my Internet presence. If you have any questions about the benefits or usage of these, please feel free to contact me. I will be gald to assist. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

The Printful logo, they are our fav Affiliate Links Anthony Mrugacz.

Create & sell custom products online – try PRINTFUL.
Easy print-on-demand drop shipping and fulfillment warehouse services

TELLO mobile official product of Affiliate Links Anthony Mrugacz.

Join the most flexible mobile telephone carrier in US. Build Your Own Plan- Now offering Double data & talk at no extra cost. Check out the deals at TELLO

It is the Amazon you love, for work. Make workplace procurement easier with convenient delivery options, simplified purchasing workflows, multiple payment options, and a competitive marketplace with business-only pricing and quantity discounts. Anyone who makes purchases for work (eg. procurement specialists, office administration, IT departments, etc.) can create a free account for their business. Customer must be from a verified business in order to successfully create their Amazon Business account.

Icons from Google's G Suite

Great for collaboration or home based business- GOOGLE’S G SUITE.
Great discount! Follow the link and use these codes:
G Suite Basic
G Suite Business

Android phone showing Pi crypto app on screen.

Crypto “Pi” Coin – Pi a new digital currency, join and I will give you 1 Pi coin. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (anthonymrugacz) as your invitation code. It is in the building stage and hopes to overcome some of the issues not forseen with Bitcoin (BTC) when it was developed.

RagerX logo, number one miner by Affiliate Links Anthony Mrugacz.

Do you have an older computer collecting dust? Mine cryptocurrency even w/o a hard drive. Checkout RagerX. Once you earn some Monero (XMR), we accept it for our artwork.

ASPIRATION BANK – Great for intermational travelers as you can pay almost $10 on ATM withdrwals in forreign countries, once from your bank and another fee from the foreign bank. Check out Aspiration Bank, it is what I use when I gallop the world.

No-Ip Dynamic DNS logo- white letters on black background.

Dynamic IP address got you down? Try NO-IP
Create an easy to remember hostname and never lose your connection again. Remote access your computer, DVR, webcam, security camera or any internet connected device easily. Dynamic DNS points an easy to remember hostname to your dynamic IP address.