Allies Strike Back Invade Russia

Allies Strike Back Invade Russia, well yes, that was back in 1921. Purpose, retrieve staff and factory equipment invested during one of the world’s fastest growing economies before WW1. Lo and behold, here we are a century later and mankind, or should we say mancruel is at it again. So why the title, “Allies Strike Back Invade Russia”, for this blog post?

Allies Strike Back Invade Russia in 1921.

Read the headlines and the Ukraine dominates. Our reaction? We have taken our eBook publication, “Ukraine – A Century of Change” and created a free audio book. Some folks just don’t have time to read it or own a Kindle, hence our offer for free knowledge to get up to speed on this geopolitical conflict.

Current Russian Federation Czar, Vladimir Putin, has a reputation to start a fight and figure it out later. Isn’t time to learn more about the Ukraine before it all goes down? Just click the link below and in 17 minutes you’ll have a enough knowledge for a 2 or 3 beers conversation with your favorite intelligent pals.

AudioBook packed with 17 Minutes of Facts – All for Free

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Book cover for Ukraine Century of Change for Allies Strike Back Invade Russia blog post.


17 minutes runtime

An overview comparison of many aspects of the Ukraine over 100 years from 1906 to 2006.

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So before the Allies Strike Back Invade Russia

Let’s not forget our line up of post-Soviet historical retro-fashion merchandise.

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Ohio Winter Has 2 Choices for At Home Activities – Television or Research

Pure madness is doing family research. Hours spent combing through microfilm and documents and government offices and libraries. However, the world is catching up to my passion for knowledge with many new websites, millions of new scanned documents, and DNA matching websites. Believe me it’s addictive, rewarding and frustrating. I took a second DNA test with AncestryDNA, downloaded the raw data and uploaded it to many other DNA matching websites. The results are connecting me with other researchers which I share common ancestors and hopefully unlocking family history mysteries from the past.

Recently we have published our research online with two new pages:

Pie chart for Slavic heritage on Allies Strike Back Invade Russia blog post.

Genetic DNA – 2 tests and 6 analytical reports graphed out with somewhat shocking results.

Family History – Grandparents with the names Mrugacz, Rybka, Novak, Kozlowski from the Polish towns of Brześć Kujawski, Stary Kujawski, Drozdowo, Sokołowo-Parcele, Gorzyce, and Płock.

A real tongue twisted for you? It even stumped Google Translate Super Computers – see the video.

OK, way too much information for this post but designed to keep you motivated through these long winter months! Don’t forget our products are available on Amazon Worldwide, tell your international friends.

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Stay warm, creative, and keep lovin’ what motivates you!

Ciao amici, Antonio

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