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Definitive Dictionary to understand the twisted and often funny English Usage & Slang in Cambodia

5 million+ tourists visit Cambodia every year, be one of the smart ones – use this app! A total of 500+ terms wisely defined in this edition. A decade of professional research compacted into an app- Learn more on these sites:

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Also available as an ebook or print copy on Amazon

If you are a first time visitor, you will hit the ground running with important knowledge about modern post Pol Pot life in the Kingdom of Wonder. If you are an ex-pat that has survived there, you will fall off your bar stool in laughter on how accurately this explains WTF is really going on in this third world gem of a country. In the sarcastic spirit of Ambrose Byrce’s “The Devil’s Dictionary”, understand how English is used and the reality of life in Cambodia. For entertainment use only. View this hilarious video to learn more.

Click to see list of terms defined – you will be very interested in this authoritative publication. List of many of the Khmenglish terms defined.

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