B-I-N-G-O and Covid was its name-o!

Our October surprise Covid-19 Bingo Bonaza featuring American political clowns and their minions did not, unfortunately, provide a winner. At our last board meeting we took a vote and decided the world needed some good news. So for November we are offering five dollars, yes, US$5.00 discount on our line of groovy sweatshirts. This could not come at a better time with Christmas and the Northern Hemisphere’s winter right around the corner.

Woman wearing Mrugacz design t-shirt.

Get warm and snuggly in one of our 60 different sweatshirt designs. Available in many colors and sizes plus they are stocked in the USA, Europe, and Japan. Our shipping rates rock, take a look!

View all our sweatshirt now and use code: 9983BVH3 for US$5.00 discount in the month of November.

When a package arrives with one of our unique products, one will find this on the label. We also include care instructions for your on the receipt inside the package so you will be able to enjoy it for years to come. Hey wait where did I get this photo of our label – well partner I happen to wear the items I design. My favorites are the long sleeve shirts due to the cool nights here at our world headquarters here in Cleveland, Ohio on the south shore of Lake Erie.

BLAST OFF! A selfie wearing the ” Mars Mission” long sleeve shirt in black, size medium. Hey, should I have contest with some big money prize if you send in a selfie wearing one of my designs? It comes in military green long sleeve as well as a T-shirt (black or dark heather background) or sweatshirt (black, navy, maroon, or red background) . It’s kinda my fav design.

That’s it for our latest newsletter and we’ll close with two notes. Some folks may live far from the USA, Europe, or Japan. So to satisfy demand we have added another outlet for our unique designs on WISH. It’s more of an international website so we have rebranded and if your curious to our other offshoot brand name follow this link to our WISH online store. Secondly, just a reminder that have additonal products, not just shirts, on various online outlets available worldwide, look see here at our Distribution Information Page on this website.

Be well and of course we welcome your comments and suggestions!

Ciao amici!