Cambodian Parliamentary Elections 2018 –
Sign on Cambodian Ant-Corruption building stating no photographs or video allowed.

All is quiet on the Southeast Front in my photos and video…

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Cambodian National Parliamentary Elections Photographs & Video Friday, July 27th – Saturday July 29th, 2018. The days of the wild, wild east are gone and the Phnom Penh metropolis was more concerned with having Sunday brunch than anything else. CCP aparatchik are all in place and will now tell you that the sun shines everyday – Precz z cenzurą


BREAKING NEWS: Final election results official.

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Strange… the Phnom Penh Post website is down the night before the elections- hmmm? In addition, one could not upload a video on YouTube from Cambodia at the same time. However, it was possible using a Tor Browser and routing from the Netherlands to France to Finland.

UPDATE: I just searched Google & lo and behold: 

Cambodia Blocks Some Independent News Media Sites: Rights Group

Computer screenshot showing Phnom Penh Post offline night before the election in 2018.

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