Definitely Parts Unknown and Off the Beaten path on this Blog Post. –

Well, look what young Anthony and his 1985 BMW K100RS have accomplished now!

BMW K100RS parked next to a Russian T34 and Sherman M4 tanks.One looks at these two photographs and you think big deal, the same BMW motorcycle parked next to some old tanks from the Second World War / Great Patriotic War back in the 20th Century. So what exactly is the significance for the photographer/motorcycle adventurist in these two photographs taken two decades apart?

The top photograph from 1998 has a Russian T-34 and was located on the southside of Warsaw, Poland. The bottom has a M5 Stuart and two Sherman M4s in the background from a recent photograph (October 2018) taken in Mogadore, Ohio USA. If you know history the Soviet T34 and Allied M4 tanks, and the men who operated them, were extremely important in defeating Fascism in Europe. And oddly a 33 year old German made Beemer is still running smooth traveling around the world to definite parts unknown throughout the free world.

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Anthony Mrugacz on a Honda XR250 in Siem Reap.
Boring photograph from Cambodia without a tank in the background.

Now I ask myself, what is next? Which continent will I take my motorcycle to next and what old war relic will I find somewhere off the beaten path.

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