✨ Recorded Live in Cambodia✨

original recordings, concert photos, & master rights

Two sets of 40 & 38 minutes. Vocals: Srey Channthy & Guitar & Vocals: Scott Bywater. Only known recording in existence of this act. Extremely rare and high quality performance. Major profits from this sale will go to Channthy’s son to pay for his education.*

audio sample – Espresso Thmey


original recordings & master rights

11 concert recordings files recorded live at Equinox✨, 1.3GB of audio mp3s, from their packed shows at Equinox. Also includes 16 graphic files used for the shows’ promotion.*

audio sample -Durian Funk Band

Grass Snake Union

original recordings & master rights

7 different recorded performances from their packed shows at Equinox. 600+MB of high quality audio -Best value.*

sample audio – Grass Snake Union


original recordings & master rights

3 fabulous shows from this sassy brassy Cambodian ska band recorded live at Equinox✨. Over 200+MB of audio.*

sample audio- Jahzad

Cambodian Space Project

original recordings & master rights

8 different sets over a 4 year period- 700MB of legendary shows Buy it and own it today.*

sample audio – Cambodian Space Project

*Only one copy of the mp3 file is available per purchase. A purchased download gives you the only file and master rights to the recording. Please make a back up immediately as we delete the the original from our server once sold. Contact us if you would like to pay in crypto currency such as Bitcoin, Bytecoin, Monero, Stellar, and IOTA.

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