Super Hero or Action Figure – Look in the Mirror

A crowd in Paris waits for a Super Hero or Action Figure.
BMW K100 and American Tanks for the Super Hero or Action Figure travel.

So what did you decide to grow up to be- a Super hero or an Action Figure? The journey in life is nothing like our childhood fanstasies. The shoes of parenting walk you along the path of super hero. The rest of us end up as souls following the sirens of either adventure or domestic tranquility. For those adveturous types we have added a section to out website dedicated to motorcyclsits. Well, at least those that ride the same BMW as I do- K100RS. It has taken me from Las Cruces, New Mexico and Białystok, Polska. After 38 years and 130,00 miles is still going strong. Did I say BMW and your thinking ka-ching- expensive, too expensive. Alas, read all about I have fun and how one can afford life’s best adventures riding an alloy horse on my new BMW K100 page. If you ride any type of motorcycles you just may enjoy it.

Wearinga mrugacz product makes you a Super Hero or Action Figure.

If You See This Your in the Right Place

A repeat myself when I expand my empire, I repeat myself when I expand my empire… Gentle reminder my Amazon stores worldwide are also open for your holday shopping pleasure. Some of y’all just might prefer Amazon over this site in your a Prime Member or own stock of Mr. Bezos corporation. Hey did you know you can use Amazon Pay to purchase t-shirts and long sleeve shirts from our e-commerce shop- and we’ll throw in that free shipping to the USA and Canada which you come to expect. So if you have any overseas friends, now is a great time to tell them about our products available in:

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If you do look for the store on Amazon or in Japanese, my name had to be translated to apply. Anthony Mrugacz became アンソニー・ムルガッチ. In Roman letters it is spelled “Ansonī murugatchi”. This it what it sounds like, pretty groovy eh? Looks like the “g” comes out as a “n”.

Hmmm, so if I was a Japanese Super Hero, this would make a great screen name. However, I am fairly content as an American Action Figure.

New Shirt Designs and Upgrade Graphics – Real Super Hero and Action Figure

Our Wingman shirts have an updated airplane for a clearer and crisper diplsay of the iconic British Submarine Spitfire. The classic ME109 has been immortalized in our new Bandit and Jagdflugzeug products. Oh yeah we still love bikes and added the new and very popular Vélocité (Velocity) vintage racing motorcycle garment. Check them out! Longsleeves are available and they can be found on our Amazon stores worldwide. Free shipping to the USA and Canada as always.

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Super Hero or Action figure, this wedding photo shows both.

In closing I heard through the grapevine, as I am a genealogy nut, that is having a sale on DNA Test kits starting 11:00PM on Thursday November 24th, 2021. After my experience with getting one, I can only say it is thrilling and let’s all those skeletons out of the closet in one easy cheek swab. As they say, “Just Do It!” My maternal great-grandparents- and guess what with web research I discovered who my great-great-great grandparents are.

Please be safe and kind today and always.

Your favorite crazy webmaster,


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