DNA Journey, New Designs, and Landing in OZ

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How is life? Some great things going on here at anthonymrugacz.com – DNA testing, new designs, and opening of a new market, Australia (OZ). Plus a reminder on a historical musical note.

Exclusive notification

Currently my DNA sample has been received by the lab and has passed the quality analysis stage with my slobbery cheek swabs specimen samples. Those who know me, understand I am a roots man and have traced back 5 generations with all roads meeting in Poland. The results may give shocking and hillarious results. I am expectingthe full report around the start of April. Only members of the website will see the results, so if you haven’t already you can join here. Let’s see if it was a hundred bucks well spent…

Least I forget, the DNA testing is being done by CRI Genetics. My bet is that I am at least 90% Polish and a proud carry of the Haplogroup gene R1a.

BRAKING NEWS: Here’s an email upadtae the lab sent me with infprmation I already was aware of.

Our records indicate that we received your DNA sample. By now, our technicians have made a decision about the quality of your DNA sample.

“If our technicians confirmed that an adequate amount of uncompromised DNA survived the journey to our lab, your DNA will be moving on to the extraction stage of our process. Our technicians will begin removing your DNA from the cells in your sample. Then your DNA will be isolated, purified, and copied to prepare for analysis.”

CRI Genetics™ | DNA Testing For Ancestry | Home DNA Test Kit


So let’s start of with just a few of the new designs for 2020! Being fanatics of the 20th Century we have pulled a few designs from a definite 1940’s influences. Oh my, we even have issued a “pierogi” shirt in honor/hopes of my DNA test confirming my Polish Heritage. So funny this is sometimes- life and wrting a blog…

Man wearing #mrugacz shirt.Man wearing a Mrugacz design t-shirt.
Woman wearing Mrugacz design t-shirt.Woman wearing a Mrugacz shirt.
Man wearing a Mrugacz design t-shirt.Woman wearing Mrugacz design t-shirt.

See all our designs here.


Our products are now availabe in the Land Down Under AND you won’t need an Ozzie to English dictionary to navigate the website. So if your in Australia and nearby countries you can easily get your hands the latest fashion statements. Check out our Australian Outlet here.

MUSIC – Years to Records and Months to Edit

What am I going on about? The concert archives of live bands I recorded at a club I ran in Phnom Penh, Cambodia- Equinox from 2010-2015. Quality is sweet and won’t be nice to here something new. Everykind of live music you can imagine awaits you- all free! Available by a click of a link or even via torrent. Learn more here.

Wherever you are in position relative to the equator – keep warm/cool and safe.

P.S. If you have viewed the website yet haven’t left a review, good or bad, we we would greatly appreciate it!


Anthony Mrugacz

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