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Preparing for the Results with more excitement than an Iowa Primary

Greeting Loyal Followers of anthonymrugacz.com

Winter is winding down but the heat is up on my DNA analysis- its at 70% complete. It sure is generating a lot of excitement in our home, sometimes in the oddest way.

The Crigenetics report as you may or may not know can trace ancestry and map it 50 generations past. I estimate that is 1,250 years and with the answers to my heritage near I am going to guess at what mt ethnic genetic makeup is. So here’s my predictions for the DNS score:

Polish 90% , Armenian 5% , Jewish 5% , with just a splash of Neanderthal and Extraterrestrial. Let’s see how well I think I know myself!

Here’s an example of what some the charts from the DNA analysis will look like – oh boy oh boy oh boy! I love science…

If you ever get a wild hair and start getting into family history, you’ll need a groovy notebook to write down precious notes.

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That’s it for now, I will get back to anxious awaiting the DNA computation scores – is it possible to fail a DNA test?

Ciao amici – Anthony

P.S. I just received two emails on updates. I am sharing the text here so if any learns from it or is comparing DNA testing labs, you can see how Crigenetics walks one through the exciting process of getting a DNA test without a court order demanding one too do it.

We’ve finished analyzing your DNA. Here’s what’s next.

Good news, Anthony…

Our records indicate that we received your DNA sample 32 days ago. Your DNA should be fully genotyped at this point, with all relevant variations accounted for.

Now, we begin our Computation Quality Review, which is where we make sure that the results of the analysis are accurate.

We take the results we computed from your DNA sample and compare it against several other anonymous samples to make sure that your results were computed in a way that’s consistent and free of errors.

Once we have confirmed your Computation Quality, we begin generating your reports!

Remember to check the Customer Portal from time to time or contact us by phone or email at 1-800- 571-9216 or support@crigenetics.com if you have any questions.

We’re almost there, Anthony!

CRI Genetics

Customer Service

One step closer to your reports…

Hi, Anthony,

Our records indicate that we received your DNA sample 30 days ago. By now, your DNA should be extracted and ready for analysis.

As soon as our technicians are ready, they will make copies of your DNA and begin reading it with our advanced genotyping chip. We call this process “DNA Computation”, as the genotyping chip will be measuring genetic variations at various locations across your genome. The data we gather from this computation will give us the information we need to compile your reports.

As always, we will let you know when we believe your DNA has passed this stage of the process.

Of course, you can always log into our Customer Portal to check the status or contact us by phone or email at 1-800- 571-9216 or support@crigenetics.com with any questions.

Have a great day.


CRI Genetics

Customer Service

PS – Yes only folks that are members of this sight will see the DNA test results, I better get my mom signed up too or she’ll whoop my butt.

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