I was 100% Polish for decades until I discovered my centuries old past.

Test Results – Genealogy – Quest for Ancestral Answers to My Past.

Ancestors footsteps and my origins going back 50 generations spanning the globe.

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Recent Ancestry Analysis

Based on the latest genetic research available, this Recent Ancestry Report represents your last 5 generations.  This shocked me quite a bit but luckily I was still more than 50% Slavic so my cultural heritage identity was destroyed.

Advanced Ancestry Analysis

The “oldest” ancestries in my family history as far back as 50 generations in a time before nation states. Wow! My ancestors liked to travel as much as I do. But how the jeck did my DNA come from such far away places before trains , planes, and automobiles

Advanced Timeline

My ancestral history and its complete timeline going back 500 years, absolutely amazing details and facts. Now I have knowledge of my ancient roots from 3 continents- but a thousand more unanswered questions.

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If you know me, yes, you will be shocked as I was to see the results. Much time and effort was spent researching to find the right testing company but foolishly I did not look for a disocunt coupon online. Well, for those interested I did recently discover a 50% off link as of Saturday, April 25th 2020. So no excuses take the jump, get it done, and please share the results with me. This was all for genealogical research and not for the new science of health using dna tests as they don’t seem to be so accurate and even given a warning by the Pentagon on the accuracy of consumer mail in for health analysis.

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