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Two personal journals published as e-books from my life’s adventures.

For ninety nine cents ($0.99) from Amazon – what could be better?

Ebook cover for BRANDED ACE by Anthony Mrugacz.BRANDED ACE

The Experience of 5 Days of Training to become a Motorcycle Safety Instructor in the Great State of Texas. One transplanted Yankee goes head to head in a battle of wits with 11 Native Texans.





A true story- a travel journal from 1991. Two Texans and one Chevy four wheel drive truck cross the Rio Grande River, long before GPSs, smartphones, and free WiFi, an adventurer just needed a whole lotta cajones to traverse mountains, jungles, & beaches south of the border. Living at times off the land, at the other just day dreaming in a hammock.



You can view photographs from this adventure here: