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List of live audio samples from Equinox in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Living audio history of the solo artists during Golden Age of Barang Music from 2010-2015. Our Online Store with the unique and complete concert recordings is now open – click here.  Or if you prefer your music free, one can download all the mp3s from the Mekong Pirates Album “Roulette” – click here.











band audio samples – click here.


There are additional audio tracks that will be added as time permits. All tracks recorded on two channels, from the main sound console output and a 25mm condenser microphone 4 meters up and 3 meters in front of the stage. All audio signals were run though a tube (valve) pre-amplifier before being recorded digitally. All tracks were then mixed down two stereo without the use of a recording studio but rather a set of headphones and a laptop.These short clips have the audio quality reduced from the original files.

View the entire catalogue here.

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