Erector Set Cincinnati Ohio

Live recordings pulled from a bootleg videotape.

JB’s Kent State University.

The legendary ska-soul-funk band- The Erector Set from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Remastered mp3’s – the bloody tape hiss from the 1980’s is a curse. OK, 12 of 12 completed as of January 17th, 2021. Rock on, Rock soldiers!

Red alert- I may need assistance in naming some of the songs as it has been almost 4 decades ago when this happened. Please email me if you know.

My musical career as an audio technician started with the Erector Set from Cincinnati,Ohio.

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I highly recommend listening to this on a real sound system not a laptop though its tolerable on head phones. 😉 Ready for dissappointment I was when I plugged into my real audio system but alas I was presntly surprised that the remastering did improve the quality.

My site does offer some higher quality live recordings from my club Equinox in Phnom Penh, Cambodia during the “Golden Age of Barang Music”. Everything from Russian Ska to Reggae, Death Metal to Jazz, Funk to Khmer Rock n’ Roll. And if your wondering what happened to me after 40 years- learn more.

NOTE: ¤ Song title courtesy of Kýrios Alex Chronis. Þ Song title courtesy of Mr. Ben T. Marts.

Daily Kent Stater, Volume LV, Number 91, 5 March 1982

The Erector Set builds up JB’s crowd – By VICKY FRESH Stater Staff Writer

Cincinnati’s Erector Set may only be only 2 years old, but the band sounds like its members have been together for years. The band delivered three sets of superb music at JB’s Friday. Lead singer Rick Beatty was the hit of the evening as his clear, powerful voice, reminiscent of Wilson Picket and Otis Redding, barrelled through the band’s material. The rest of the group, bassist John Schmidt, guitarist Alex Chronis, keyboardist/percussionist Barry Haney and drummer Sean Vigle, performed some of the most complex, highly polished music heard in Ohio. “Paperweight World,” one of the opening tunes, featured a strong, island sound, with neatly placed background vocals. From there, the band churned through ska, rhythm and blues and modern soul. The songs fit together into sets of consistent quality, and the band made sure that the tempo changes flowed easily into one another.

A perfect example of how the Erector Set could jump around was the pairing of “The Missing Peace” and “Pass The Time”. Schmidt and Vigle gave the first number a sinuous rhythm that rang strong under Beatty’s singing. The second tune was one of the evening’s hottest rock’n’roll numbers. The group then did a cover of the Doors’ hit, “Hello I Love You,” using a heavy echo on vocals and machine-gun rhythms. The Set followed this with an original song, “Feel Good.” In this tune, Beatty hit those high, high notes that can slay an audience. He is probably one of the best singers to ever come out of Ohio. The band then drove the whole bar into a dance frenzy with a pair of rockabilly tunes and closed the first set with “Nobody But Me.” The second and third sets were on the same level as the first. Well-performed and heartfelt music can set a place on fire, and that’s exactly what the Erector Set did.

The band will be releasing an EP later this month, featuring anywhere from four to six new songs, group manager Ben Marts said. Judging from the crowd’s reaction to the band, the EP ought to be a hot seller. Most bands can’t hold the attention of an audience for two sets, let alone three, but the Erector Set did, and the crowd still wanted it back for an encore.