Fat Tony the chef.

Fat Tony’s Favorite Original Recipes

Well, I am neither fat nor Italian so I don’t like being called Tony.

Regardless lets begin on our food journey. My measuring style may shock you and I rarely add salt.


Stir fired kale, mushrooms, and onions in olive oil.
This was a big hit with my Mom who is a food snob supreme. She said it was “sweet”.
  • red onion – handful, chopped you favorite way
  • mushroom – big handful, sliced
  • khale – two big handfuls, sliced in thin strips, stems removed
  • olive oil & black pepper (Cambodian preferred)

sautee’ the red onion in olive oil on medium heat until translucent

turn up the heat to high, add kale and mushrooms

toss and stir like a boss until the the kale is slightly charred, add black pepper or additonal spices to taste, enjoy


It’s the thought behind the recipe that makes it delicious- read on...

This probably the quickest chicken salad recipe and unique in that its not meant to be chilled and sit for the flavors to blend. Each bite brings a surprisingly delicious sensations to the taste buds. I used meat leftover from one of those roasted chickens one gets at the local grocery store. Just throw alll the ingredients in a bowl, stir, and slap on your favorite bread!

  • chicken – 2 large handfuls, white and/or dark meat in chunks
  • onion – half handful, diced, I prefer red in this recipe
  • bell pepper – half handful, diced, again I prefer red
  • kale – 1 large leaf, cut in thin strips
  • arrugala (rocket) – equal amount as kale, cut in thin strips
  • oregano – 1 fresh sprig, pull the leaves off whole
  • tarragon – 1 fresh sprig, pull the leaves off whole
  • mayonaise – 2 big spoonfuls
  • black pepper – (Cambodian preferred)

Don’t have any arrugala? Try any lettuce instead.

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