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7+ gigabytes of free music via https & torrent

A collection of Cambodian and Barang bands recorded live at Equinox 2010-2015 Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Download the torrent or via https with your browser.

So what is all this “free” music about?

For 9 years the Equinox Bar and Restaurant stood at #3 Street 278 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia near Wat Langka. Over the years it evolved into an award winning music venue. From 2010-2015 I took over the helm and while doing so recorded many of the shows. The link above is the effort of years of work and a historical record of the booming music scene in Cambodia from that era. It was a group effort and the vibe of the times is now lost forever as the influx of East Asian investment money has turned Phnom Penh into a hot bed of unregulated and under planned real estate investment. These recordings, along with photographs, you can view here, are all that remain of that epic ‘Golden Age of Barang” music. Many of the players and participants have moved on, either out of Cambodia or off the planet to a heavenly domain. Many do remain carrying the torch of live music in Phnom Penh but the foundation that was once Equinox, along with Sharky’s, Slur Bar, and Showbox, are lost forever.

Empty and abandoned building lot that was Equinox in Phnpm Penh.
Photograph courtesy of Khim Petersen.

Here is a list of the band recordings available:

2 Shots and a Chase
Adobo Conspiracy
Conrad Keely
Derry Pigweed
Diego Dimarques
Doctor Eggs
Doctor Eggs
Gobshite MGC
Grass Snake Union
GTS Jazz Quartet
Holey Bucket Union
Holiday in Cambodia
Jaworski 7
Jerby Salas Santo
Joe Wrigley
Joshua Chiang
Kampot Playboys
Keith Kenny
Keren Keziah
Kosal Khiev
Leonard G. Reyes
Les Frogs
Lisa Concepcion
Lisa Concepcion
Little Duke & the Mekong Blues Messengers
Los Hermanos
Los Illustrados
Los Poporks
Mekong Messengers
Moi Tiet!
Na Zdorovie International Corporation
Paul Janowskis & Matt Dwyer
Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra
Phnom Penh Playboys
Potato Stars
Robin Narciso
Rhiannon Johnson Quintet
Richard Marshall with Troy Campbell
Roxanne Dumant
Sangvar Day
Scoddy & the Quality Drops
Scott Bywater
Sonic Detergent
Sonny Krishnan
Sopbai Hannukah Klezmer Band
Sophie Rose
Submarine Brass Band
Tango & Snatch
Teaner Terners
The Digs
The Knockouts
The Love Below
Tiny Tunes
TJ Brown
Troy Campbell
Will and the People


  1. Do you have the WASH collaboration with Warren Daly et al? I’d love to hear / see that again! Thanks

    1. G’day Hal, yes we do but since the entire performance was all original I did not put it out free. I know WASH actually does it for a living. I will have to get a “go ahead” to post that to the public. Send me an email address and I will send you a download link. ceo@anthonymrugacz.com P.S. Here are photos from that perdormance: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOW0WpbRKa4PAWh3TbZT3jlIRAvZ7LsFFmLDPB9_jaHYcDWpiKfW294LMWI3JYwTw?key=eHFVbGtudnMzZGJaLVBGNkoxdkhxeWxKVzdwczNB

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