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Various hotos from the life of Anthony Mrugacz and his adventures.

Some websites have their perks – ours just has it’s quirks! If you were expecting a slick coporate landing page, well, you will be disappointed. We are a small operation that follows the old proverb, “Better to be a small fish in the sea, then a big one in a small lake”. Follow our blog for monthly updates of art, music, photograhy, travel, and other oddities that rock our world. We would love to have you on board for our free website membership newsletter at Curious ? Learn more on our About page. Discover even more, check out our diverse and distinct merchandise visually on our outrageous and entertaining YouTube Channel.

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Our communications are designed to keep one update on our quest for exploring art, music, amd travel adventures plus discounts and sales on our products. Exposing one’s creativity to a worldwide audience takes a bit of courage but sure glad we do it.. Whether you shop here or not, your welcome to enjoy what we have to offer. Please share with us anything after exploring this website which you think we would enjoy. We’re easy to contact and we would love to hear your feedback. Signing up now? Not convinced? Don’t like getting bombarded with spam? We don’t either. Fear not as we keep your data secure as per our privacy policy.

Recent Always Amazing and Fun Posts

  • We Have a Winner
    We have to make a choice on which is the winner this blog post from five competitive contenders: 1) Our new line of sweatshirts and hoodies. 2) Re-issue of Khmenglish in an American-English only version. 3) The 700,000 plus cryptocoins one can earn completely tax free. 4) Sensational new all over design Cambodia Good Luck Hoodie now available online. 5) Our sensational new page featuring my 1985 BMW K100RS motorcycle with tips and tricks for motosport adventurers. Yes, it’s all in this issue of yet another blogpost from Anthony. So let’s see which items are the potential winners in this … Read more
  • Internet of Things Shimmer
    Gold, cash, bitcoin but which of the Internet of Things shimmer and truly shine? Welcome to this month’s post and hopefully this perk for being a blog member, along with other interesting developments, will make once again content for being a reader. So let’s use our imagination and pretend we bought 1 bitcoin almost a decade ago… IT’S A BRAND NEW FEATURE – LISTEN TO OUR STUNNING BLOG POSTS AS A PODCAST! OR CONTINUE THE READING TEXT BELOW… Anthony Mrugacz · Internet of Things Shimmer Podcast December 10th, 2021 UPDATE: We have given out all the free IOTA tokens as … Read more
  • Super Hero or Action Figure – Look in the Mirror
    So what did you decide to grow up to be- a Super hero or an Action Figure? The journey in life is nothing like our childhood fanstasies. The shoes of parenting walk you along the path of super hero. The rest of us end up as souls following the sirens of either adventure or domestic tranquility. For those adveturous types we have added a section to out website dedicated to motorcyclsits. Well, at least those that ride the same BMW as I do- K100RS. It has taken me from Las Cruces, New Mexico and Białystok, Polska. After 38 years and … Read more