Freezin’ February Needs Some Heat

Plus free rare CD download and colored pencil drawings deal that’s sweet!

Mekong Pirates 13 Song CD ‘Roulette”

Recorded in hospital store room using a laptop, headphones, and E-MU 1616 five input mixer in 2011, this album from a group of musicians from Belgium, France, Germany, and Cambodia, was issued in a very limited quantity. As the recording engineer and producer I am offering this free fabulous musical slice from the mosaic of a musical era in Phnom Penh, Cambodia dubbed, “The Golden Age of Barang Music”. Six months of my life condensed in 13 songs. Can anyone guess what the sounds are that intro the 13th track- a truly unique Cambodian late night audible tradition.

3 triangles yellow, red and green, the Printful logo.

It’s the economy ecology stupid !

Now that the meglamanic is out of the Whitehouse in Washignton DC, the planet stands a better chance of survival. Our website’s products are Print On Demand (POD). This avoids overproduction and minimizes carbon footprint. Our production facility uses high-quality and eco-friendly products creating less waste. They are also commited to sustainability as a factor when purchasing ink and packaging products. Why not try starting your own online shop using Printful.

“I’ll buy that for a dollar”!

Hopefully more ’cause the colored pencil drawings are on sale AND you name the price. Take a look at the drawngs, then drop me an email. I will pay the shipping! How is that for a special offer for freezin’ February- sweet! These colorful caffeinated sketches will brighten any kitchen whilst you sip that mornin’ cup of joe. Least I forget- I accept PayPal, cash, and cryptocurrencies- BTC, BCN, and XMR.

Man wearing a Mrugacz design t-shirt.

Two Sided Shirts on sale until the end of January.

Take look and if you like ’em here’s $3.00 off- use coupon code: wxd6r7v3 Hurry, only a few days left to pull the trigger!

Yep, there’s long sleeves two sided shirts too. Remember moma told you to layer during the cold winter’s months. So why not do it in unque style?

Book cover by Anthony Mrugacz.

Snowed in? How about a free eBook to enjoy!

OK, here’s the deal- back in 1996 while ridin’ home on my 1970 BMW R75/5 after some breakfast tacos, a gentleman was kind enough to run a stop sign and t-bone me at 35MPH. I was going the same speed and well yes, I went flying. Everyone that witnessed was shocked when I stood up and survived but alas it took a year to recover to a somewhat normal existence. Did I get back to riding motorcycles? You betcha! I went for a higher standard and joined the elite and loco certified gang of motorcycle safety instructors. I journaled the experience and hilarity of it all. I even earned the nick name “Ace” turning the training course. A quick and fun read, it’ll be FREE on Amazon from Februaty 1st through February 5th, 2021. Follow the link below for your free eBook.

BRANDED ACE: The Experience of 5 Days of Training to become a Motorcycle Instructor in the Great State of Texas. 

Stay warm, get your vaccinations, and be as creative as you can! (coffee helps a lot)

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