Genetic DNA Anthony Mrugacz – I will never be the same…

Standing by motorcycle in Brzesc Kujavski, Poland before my Genetic DNA Anthony Mrugacz.

“I was 100% Polish for decades until I discovered my centuries old past using Genetic DNA testing.” Anthony Mrugacz

You trace back your family history for about 400 years. Then a Genetic DNA Anthony Mrugacz test results sends your research into a tailspin and a torrent of possibilities. . My Ancestors footsteps and origins going back 50 generations spanning the globe.

Based on the latest genetic research available, this Recent Ancestry Report represents your last 5 generations.  This shocked me quite a bit but luckily I was still more than 50% Slavic so my cultural heritage identity was destroyed.

The “oldest” ancestries in my family history as far back as 50 generations in a time before nation states. Wow! My ancestors liked to travel as much as I do. But how the jeck did my DNA come from such far away places before trains , planes, and automobiles

My ancestral history and its complete timeline going back 500 years, absolutely amazing details and facts. Now I have knowledge of my ancient roots from 3 continents- but a thousand more unanswered questions.