Genetic DNA Anthony Mrugacz – I will never be the same…

I have taken two DNA tests and many analyses of the raw data- explore the results:

Standing by motorcycle in Brzesc Kujavski, Poland before my Genetic DNA Anthony Mrugacz.

In 1998 I rode my BMW motorcycle from Austin, Texas to NYC, then took a Lufthansa fight with it, my K100RS, as extra baggage to Frankfurt, and then to my grandfather Mrugacz’s birthplace of Brześć Kujawski, Polska.


  • My ancestors top three “occupations” over the thousands of years of human history were Baltic Hunter Gatherer 70%, Mediterranean Farmer 18%, and Anatolian Farmer 10%.
  • I have 70% Homozygosity – possessing two identical forms of a particular gene, one inherited from each parent.
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Haplogroup R1 is estimated to have arisen during the height of the Last Glacial Maximum, about 18,500 years ago. Its origin traces back to southwestern Asia and is very commonly found throughout all of Eurasia, with the exception of East and Southeast Asia

Genetic DNA- Anthony Mrugacz – Current Information from an Ancestry DNA Test

Upadate DNA Map for Anthony Mrugacz's European ancestry.

2022 and an expanded database stats update.

Here are the results from in 2022

  • 85% Eastern Europe & Russia
  • 12% Baltics
  • 1% Norway
  • 1% Ireland
  • 1% European Jewish

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map showing DNA test distribution for Anthony Mrugacz.

So many DNA tests so little time.

Here are the results from in 2021

  • 87% Eastern Europe & Russia
  • 12% Baltics
  • 1% European Jewish

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Current Information from a CRI Genetics Test

Based on the latest genetic research available, this Recent Ancestry Report represents your last 5 generations.  This shocked me quite a bit but luckily I was still more than 50% Slavic so my cultural heritage identity was destroyed.

The “oldest” ancestries in my family history as far back as 50 generations in a time before nation states. Wow! My ancestors liked to travel as much as I do. But how the jeck did my DNA come from such far away places before trains, planes, and automobiles

My ancestral history and its complete timeline going back 500 years, absolutely amazing details and facts. Now I have knowledge of my ancient roots from 3 continents- but a thousand more unanswered questions.

Profits from my ecommerce shop and my Amazon store support this research for Genetic DNA Anthony Mrugacz research.

Recent Ancestry DNA Generation Data Analysis – 5 Generations

Based on the latest genetic research available, this Recent Ancestry Report represents your last 5 generations. This analysis is based on the genetic makeup currently found most abundant in each of the specific geographic regions. This report should closely match what your parents and grandparents may have told you about your heritage.

Anthony Mrugacz modern DNA breakdown by CRI genetics.
European map with pointers showing test results for Anthony Mrugacz.

European − 98.5%
Southern, Central Slavic 53.80%
Germany 23.80%
Scandinavia 9.10%
Italy 8.30%
British Isles 1.90%
France 1.60%

South Asian
Bengali 1.50%

Advanced Ancestry DNA Generation Data Analysis – 50 Generations

We have combined cutting-edge genetic research with the anthropological history of the human race to create your Advanced Ancestry Report. This report is an analysis that dates back thousands of years, well beyond your last 5 generations and most recent ancestry.

The team at CRI compared your Ancestry DNA Generation Data to reference populations that have been discovered and genotyped from all over the world. We factor in the known history of human migration patterns over the last several thousand years before assigning them to your report. This process allows us to link you, through your ancestral lines, to vast regions that span well across the planet.

The results you see below reflect the “oldest” ancestries in your family history. Populations of men and women that lived thousands of years before most current nations, such as Germany or Britain, even existed. However, your report will still include these country and region names, in order to best help you identify which geographic location your genetic makeup arose from.

CRI genetics DNA map fro Anthony Mrugacz.


Northern European 41.1%
N.W. European 17.2%
British Isles 13.7%
Toscani Italian 8.5%
Iberian 8.4%

Peruvian 2.1%
Colombian 1.2%
Mexican 0.7%
Puerto Rican 0.7%

Gambian 0.1%

Gujarati Indian 1.3%
Punjabi 1.1%
Bengali 0.8%
Sri Lankan Tamil 0.6%

Japanese 0.9%
Chinese Dai 0.7%
Kinh Vietnamese 0.4%
Southern Han Chinese 0.4%
Northern Han Chinese 0.2%

Advanced Ancestry DNA Generation Data Timeline

Our Advanced Ancestry DNA Generation Data Timeline fully analyzes your entire DNA sequence to determine not only your ancestral history, but its complete timeline as well.

The further back we examine, the more centralized we find our ancestral lines to be. The unlikeliness of cultural crossbreeding was large in part due to pre-evolved geological landscapes and obstacles, environmental obstacles such as Ice Ages and Glacial Periods, and technological obstacles such as the overall inability to travel.

When we do find peculiarities among your ancestry, these rarities tend to be more interesting when represented among ancient versus recent civilizations. These peculiarities offer us a measurable timeline by which we can identify when and where odd mixtures and statistically outlier types of populations entered your family history.

Though many of these ancestries may seem wildly foreign to you, know that our team only denotes ancestries we believe you share at an 80% confidence level or better to be featured on your timeline. This feature may help you learn more about your genealogy, as you can piece together the migrations that lead to the results in your Advanced Ancestry DNA Generation Data Report.

British IslesN.W. EuropeanNorthern EuropeanIberianGujarati IndianPeruvian
1870 A.D. – 1930
generations back 4
1845 A.D. – 1905 A.D.
generations back 5
1820 A.D. – 1880 A.D.  
generations back 6
1795 A.D. – 1855 A.D.
generations back 7
1770 A.D. – 1830 A.D.
generations back 8
1745 A.D. – 1805 A.D.
generations back 9
1720 A.D. – 1780 generations back 1095%90%95%95%95%
1695 A.D. – 1755 A.D. generations back 1199%90%99%99%
1670 A.D. – 1730 A.D. generations back 1280%80%80%90%80%
1645 A.D. – 1705 A.D. generations back 1390%90%90%80%
 1620 A.D. – 1680 A.D. generations back1490%90%90%90%
1595 A.D. – 1655 generations back 1590%90%90%90%
 1570 A.D. – 1630 A.D. generations back 1680%80%80%80%
1545 A.D. – 1605 A.D. generations back 1780%80%80%
1520 A.D. – 1580 A.D. generations back 1890%
1520 A.D. – 1580 A.D. generations back 1899%
1495 A.D. – 1555 A.D. generations back 1999%
1420 A.D. – 1480 A.D. generations back 2280%
620 A.D. – 680 A.D. generations back 5499%

Genomelink Analysis

Taking the raw data from AncestryDNA, I uploaded it to obtaining these results. So what’s your genetic story? Get tested today!

Anthony Mrygacz GEDmatch Eurogene pie chart.

Admixture Utilities – Eurogenes K13
North_Atlantic 28.84 Pct
Baltic 48.11 Pct
West_Med 9.7 Pct
West_Asian 2.8 Pct
East_Med 4.67 Pct
South_Asian 3.28 Pct
Siberian 0.45 Pct
Amerindian 0.41 Pct
Oceanian 0.43 Pct
Northeast_African 1.31 Pct

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Pie chart for Anthony Mrugacz from Admixture Utilities - MDLP World on Gedmatch.

Admixture Utilities – MDLP World

Caucaus_Parsia 4.6 Pct
South_and_West_European 38.04 Pct
North_and_East_European 52.66 Pct
North_Asian 0.95 Pct

A more general overview of maternal genetic diversity.

Wondering how much ancient Neandertal DNA you have in you? Find out now!

Neandertal man, a distant relative of Anthony Mrugacz.

GEDmatch Archaic Matches

Once you have your raw autosomal DNA data, the opportunites for discovery are endless using varoius free online tools. View all my GEDmatch Archaic DNA Matches.



  • 70% Homozygosity – the state ofpossessing two identical forms of a particular gene, one inherited from each parent.
  • Explore more of my genetic history by choosing a button

    Mrugacz and Novak maternal family tree.

    This is the current chart as of January 2022. If anyone has any questions or additonal information to share please contact my son. One may also assist the funding of this research by checking out his online ecommerce shop or Amazon store.

    Lineage chart for my family. (download PDF)


    Update Maternal DNA Results from 2022

    Data from 2021

    Maternal pie chart from Ancetry DNA.

    All of the charts and analyses were extracted from autosomal DNA data downloaded from my Ancestry DNA test. There are many websites one can upload the data to to discover more.

    91% Eastern Europe & Russia

    4% Baltics

    2% Ireland

    2% Sweden & Denmark

    1% Other Regions

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    Very surprising results from maternal DNA calculations using the Genomelink database. Like surprises? Get tested today!


    Maternal DNA chart using GEDmatch and Eurogenes.

    Admixture Utilities – Eurogenes K13

    North_Atlantic 31.09 Pct
    Baltic 43.86 Pct
    West_Med 9.66 Pct
    West_Asian 4.79 Pct
    East_Med 5.24 Pct
    South_Asian 2.13 Pct
    Siberian 1.37 Pct
    Amerindian 0.76 Pct
    Oceanian 0.64 Pct
    Northeast_African 0.45 Pct

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    Maternal Admixture Utilities - MDLP Worldpie chart.

    Admixture Utilities – MDLP World

    Caucaus_Parsia 7.76 Pct
    South_and_West_European 40.08 Pct
    North_and_East_European 49.35 Pct
    North_Asian 1.36 Pct

    A more general overview of maternal genetic diversity.


    Here is my DNAportal link.

    Pie chart from DNAPortal for Anthony Mrugacz.
    • Eastern Euro 18.53%
    • Fennoscandian 12.65%
    • North Atlantic 10.43%
    • Iberian 7.48%
    • North Sea 6.39%
    • Central Euro 6.14%
    • East Balkan 5.25%
    • Volga-Ural 1.75%
    • Basque 0.83%
    • North Caucasian 0.49%
    • East African 0.19%
    • Pygmy 0.11%
    Bar Graph from DNA portal for Anthony Mrugacz.


    Ancient populations

    Scythian (14.05)
    Baltic (17.93)

    Viking + Kievan Rus (4.17)
    Kievan Rus + Early Slav (5.672)
    Viking + Scythian (6.277)
    Baltic + Scythian (6.401)
    Viking + Baltic (6.623)
    Kievan Rus (6.869)
    Viking (8.409)
    Early Slav (8.715)

    Genetic distance measures how close you are to a given sample.

    • 10 means this is your ancient ancestry

    • 20 means this is part of your ancestral link
    • 30 means possibly related to your ancestry


    1. *Scythian (3.484)
    2. *Early Slav (3.484)
    3. Scythian + Early Slav (3.484)
    4. Kievan Rus + Early Slav (3.983)
    5. Viking + Scythian (4.384)
    6. Viking + Kievan Rus (5.646)
    7. Scythian + Kievan Rus (5.962)
    8. Early Slav (6.657)
    9. Kievan Rus (6.797)
    10. Viking (10.03)
    11. Scythian (11.28)
    12. Ostrogoth (16.82)

    Ancient archaeological samples which link to your DNA appear on the globe

    closest genetic modern populations…

    1. Polish (6.171)
    2. Ukrainian (6.307)
    3. Estonian (6.369)
    4. Belorussian (6.757)
    5. Estonian_Polish (6.758)
    6. Southwest_Russian (6.970)
    7. South_Polish (7.533)
    8. Russian_Smolensk (7.885)

    ancient relatives – shared identified DNA segments

    Kivutkalns Hill-fort Latvia   650 BC

    3 SNP chains (min. 60 SNPs) / 10.52 cM
    Largest chain: 459 SNPs / 3.99 cM

    Your raw DNA is 94 % closer than other matching users

    Ancient Deep Dive Breakdown:

    Viking (Swedish) 33.4%
    Baltic Tribes 32.3%
    Kievan Rus 14.2%
    Early Slavs 11.4%
    Scythians 6.31%

    Your share DNA segments with your Deep Dive matches. This chart represents a union of all your deep dive matches weighted per total SNPs you share and their own individual classification. The displayed result is your personalized Deep Dive breakdown.

    Note: This will change over time as more samples are added.

    Websites to upload your Autosomal DNA for free results and matches with relatives

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