Internet of Things Shimmer

Gold, cash, bitcoin but which of the Internet of Things shimmer and truly shine? Welcome to this month’s post and hopefully this perk for being a blog member, along with other interesting developments, will make once again content for being a reader. So let’s use our imagination and pretend we bought 1 bitcoin almost a decade ago…



IOTA makes the Internet of Things Shimmer with future usefulness says Mrugacz.

UPDATE: We have given out all the free IOTA tokens as of 20 DEC 2021.

Thanks to all who participated in the crypto-adventure.

WAKE UP! You missed it, forget about bitcoin, ethereum, and the like as they have steered off course AND charge fees to use. Programmers and scientists seeing its shortcomings have developed a fee free coin that overcomes earlier cryptocurrency flaws. It’s goal is to be used on the Internet of Things. That’s right- all those smart devices, thermostats, security cameras ,et al. need a safe secure language for data communication and utility. Let me introduce you to IOTA and for being a blog reader you can get one free. So let’s get going, this is a heads up not a FOMO promo.

Here’s How to Make the Internet of Things Shimmer for You

Firefly Logo will make the Internet of Things shimmer with no fees.

One doesn’t need to understand how the IOTA coin system works to own it. Just download the wallet Firefly which comes in three flavors of desktop computers- Windows, Mac, and Linux. There’s plenty of online information and FAQs to help you install it. Once that’s done, send me your Firefly wallet address using the contact form below and you will get your free coin. Subject to availability due to limited supply and those who are current blog members. Unplug your TV and go for it! Tune into the future today. Relax the best is yet to come…

Lay Your Head on My Revolutionary Pillow

We all here the expression, “You know what you should do…”, and it can drive one nuts. Folks often recommend to us we should have designs like, “Grandpa Takes Me Fishing”. You know, trendy cute family oriented stuff that will sell like unicorns at the county fair. Fear not, we not going there but as per usual headed into another unknown design direction. So let me introduce you to our small collection named, “Pillow Revolution”. Obscure rebellions from the past and comfort all sewn into one. Available on Amazon USA. Limited design collection of eight- here’s four examples.

Go Back Jack Redo Re-edit Re-publish Re-issue It Again

Talk is cheap, long awaited promised update is complete. Khmenglish Language Guide is now in a tri-lingual edition: English, French, and Spanish. Triple the sarcasm, 3x times the insights, and you’re just one click away from owning a copy of the eBook or paperback. Available w-o-r-l-d-wi-d-e baby!

OK we are skipping writing a letter to Santa this year due to postage rates so here’s what we are wishing for this Christmas 2021 – Review us

Over n’ out – stay tuned all those who took advantage of the free crypto. Til next time!


P.S. Our shop of fab designs still has free shipping!

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