It’s best to arrive in Cambodia with the Khmenglish Language Android App on your mobile phone. The ultimate guide to local slang and misuse of English words told from a funny and sarcastic point of view. Some say Khmer is the  language of heaven on earth, so how shall we describe Khmenglish? Available as an Android App on Google and Amazon, eBook and paperback book. Over 500 English, Khmer, and slang terms sarcastically and comically explained. 5 million+ tourists visit Cambodia every year, be one of the smart ones – use this app! A total of 500+ terms wisely defined in this edition. A decade of professional research compacted into an app- Learn more on these sites:

Definitive Dictionary to understand the twisted and often funny English usage & slang in Cambodia – Khmenglish Language Android App and Paperback Dictionary.

Book Cover for Khmenglsh Language Dictionary and Android App.

If you are a first time visitor, you will hit the ground running with important knowledge about modern post Pol Pot life in the Kingdom of Wonder. If you are an ex-pat that has survived there, you will fall off your bar stool in laughter on how accurately this explains WTF is really going on in this third world gem of a country. In the sarcastic spirit of Ambrose Byrce’s “The Devil’s Dictionary”, understand how English is used and the reality of life in Cambodia. For entertainment use only.

PRESS RELEASE: 14 AUGUST 2021 – Currently updating a few terms and translating into French and Spanish.

Here are a few excerpts from the over 500+ terms defined:

all friend- everybody (Tout le monde, todo el mundo)

ally– Phonetic spelling of the lazy way Khmers pronounce “only”.

barang– You are definitely a barang (foreigner) if your reading this. Originally used to describe the French, now used to describe all foreigners. Being a barang asociates you with being rich in a Cambodian’s eyes.

bro and sis– Khmer slang on social media for a boy and girl who have sex but are not in a committed relationships. Equivalent to the English term “friends with benefits”.

pussy holiday– Sweet Khmer slang for a women’s menstrual cycle.

railaw– Khmenglish for “railway”.

scotch– Generic term used for adhesive tape. Most commonly used variety being clear packing tape. Often used outdoors on electrical wiring with resulting sparks and flames during rain.

scream bled– A Western technique for cooking eggs with a Cambodian way of spelling “scrambled”.

sir pry– It don’t mean “Mister, use a crow bar to open it.” Something you hear screamed at birthday parties when the cake comes out. “Sir pry!”

T.I.C.– Promounced “tick”. This is Cambodia – common phrase spoken whenever a newcomer complains.

wendy– Cambodian term used for English equivalent of “wedding”.

vocka– vodka

volume– The control used on any equipment capable of producing sound set at maximum level usually at a distorted level. The maximization of which deters both questions and decisions ensuring a sense of temporary safety during any social event. Always accompanied by lavish amount of reverb and/or echo.

vr– Cambodian spelling for “we are”.

Y5– Khmer abbreviation for “WiFi”.