Links –★ចំរើន

My favorite websites and why the heck I love them! In alphabetical order 😉

Baidu logo.BAIDU – Red Chinese Version of Google

The four horsemen bringing the mercantile apocalypse to planet earth this century have their own search engine. As Red Chinese communist hordes swarm the planet disguised as capitalists, one can get an inside look at a censored virtual world controlled by the Communist Party of China (CPC). It’s all about saving face and making a profit while consuming all resources and destroying everything in its path. So how can one explore this website if its in Chinese? Google Translate of course. Nee how chung gong!

CULTURE.PL – promoting Poland and Polish culture worldwide. Featuring over 40,000 articles in Polish, English and Russian, the web portal features the best of Polish theatre, design, visual arts, music, film and more, with over 6 million visitors a year across 80 countries.

DON REID – Adventures, Making Money and Achieving a Location Independent Lifestyle 

Mr. Don Reid is successful at a long forgotten art- being free! A world adventurer and genius, Mr. Reid view of the world and positive attitude is the dream of every online entrepreneur. How does he do it? well, your just one click away from learning…


Earth wind patterns.EARTH – A visualization of global weather conditions forecast by supercomputers

This is better than man landing on the moon. The planet is so alive compared to us fat asses sitting in front of the computer dreaming up adventures or reliving past glories. 




Well, I should love this one as it took over a year to put together into a blog. A constructive 5 years in Cambodia developing a bar restaurant live music venue art gallery was instantly wasted with a 300% plus rent rate increase and all that was left were gigabytes of digital files that I organized.


Google flights airplane logo.GOOGLE FLIGHTS

There are so many travel sites these days with grand advertising of thrills and chills. Damn it, I just want to compare prices and dates. Google Flights is the graphical easiest and no bullshit way to check out flights. No waiting and no anxiety make it absolutely a joy to navigate.


Mars surface soil.KUMNOOH – Cambodia’s Arts Scene

Like a free for all winner take all brawl with no rules applied yet nobody gets hurt is how I describe the Cambodian art scene. From locals to ex-pats, everybody does their thing and everybody appreciates the efforts. Well, everywhere except in Kampot which is a negative and depressing place.


Leng Pleng logo.Leng Pleng – Live Music and DJ Gig Guide of Cambodia

Oh I wish everyday was Thursday so I could get the hippest news of where the party is at tonight in Phnom Penh. I just wish more venues would do live streaming so I could check out more of the great live music happening in Cambodia.