Bands in Cambodia

Collected from Live Music Scene at Equinox on Street 278 in Phnom Penh from 2010-2015

Comprehensive list of Photos, Links, and Information about the Golden Age of Barang Music in Cambodia.

We welcome any corrections, additions, or comments. For more visual stimulation view the Equinox Archives Youtube Channel.

PHNOM PENH HIPPIE ORCHESTRA -Eastern Euro Folk / Traditional

PPHO on Equinox stage  in Phnom Penh.


October 12th, 2012

July 28th, 2012

Moments of joy in a country, full of contradictions

Melting pot of all colors, religions, ages
Island of the libertine
Dark Eyes everywhere, the Ukrainian Yews, Gypsies and today´s Expats song
Phnom Penh Hippie Orchestra´s chant
Forgettable borders of all kind
Unity in diversity, running down in fancy
As midnight descended, rushing back into each other’s thoughts
Reuniting day and night – for Equinox

ANTI-FATE -Pop Punk / Punk / Easycore

Vibratone – Original Reggae

Kampot Playboys -Khmer/Rock Fusion


August 25th, 2012

April 3rd, 2015

Will & the People – Original Rock/Pop


February 25th, 2012


SANGVAR DAY – Original Alternative/Hard Rock

SONIC DETERGENT -Rock, Pop, & Punk

DURIAN – Funk/Soul

DUB ADDICTION -Reggae Ragga Dub

From their FB page:

Cambodia´s one and only Ragga Dub Band. Original Reggae tunes with Khmer, African and German Raggamuffin MC´s.  ONE LOVE!

POTATO STARS -Bastard cabaret

Listen to Live Shows:

April 11th, 2015


Listen to live shows:

August 11th, 2012


Holiday in Cambodia


Listen to Live Shows:

September 21st, 2012

April 5th, 2014

SYSE’ SWING – Gypsy Jazz

JAVA -French Rap


Listen to Live Shows:

January 11th, 2014

February 21st, 2014

“Equinox, in my humble opinion, had the best sound and the friendliest staff. In a city like Phnom Penh, over saturated with bars and venues – Equinox wasn’t like any of them. It has class, style, and you could always count on there being talent there.
When I began playing across the street at Top Banana, as the host of Tuesday night’s open mic, I would often look over the balcony and think to myself “I hope I get to play THERE one day”. When it happened it as a true honour. I was impressed to have our set recorded live when the band played and to this day it was one of our most memorable gigs.
I can honestly say that it was the best of times to arrive at this rare gem. My unbridled love for the staff and community involved can but only be amplified when I recollect the days and nights we spent at EQUINOX” Greg

Mekong Messengers

Listen to Live Shows:

December 19th, 2014

Klap Ya Handz – Hip Hop

Mekong Pirates – World Beat

JOSHUA CHANGSinger/Songwriter

Listen to Live Shows:

June 7th, 2014

July 12th, 2014


Sonny Inbaraj Krishnan – Singer/Songwriter

Paul Janovskis & Matt Dwyer -Blues

Listen to Live Shows:

November 4th, 2011

Jahzad – Ska


Listen to Live Shows:

September 15th, 2013

SOPHIE ROSE – Singer/Songwriter



SCOTT BYWATER -singer/songwriter/poet

Check out Mr. Scott Bywater’s websites: 


POETRY  The Silver Pepper of the Stars

TANGO & SNATCH – Punk-rockabilly 

Na Zdorovie International Corporation -Russian Ska

Listen to Live Shows:

April 5th, 2013

Sliten6ix -Hardcore Black Metal

THE UNDERDOGS – Khmer Rock n Roll

From their FB page: Our vision is to bring all the unknown or lost music and the sound of golden age and unforgettable classic rock’n roll music from the year 1960s and 1970s to all Khmer young generations in this new century and also to the world……!!!

LOS POPORKS – Funky Rock World Beat

Listen to LiveShow:

December 11th, 2010

THE FUMES -Indie Rock

“The Fumes cranked out indie, alternative, and new wave covers from the Equinox grand stand for most of the “Golden Years” of the Phnom Penh expat music scene, from 2010 to 2014. When the Fumes got into the sonic business, it was atypical to hear Nirvana, New Order, Pixies, Garbage, Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Rage Against the Machine, and REM (to name but a few) covers in a music scene dominated by blues with a touch of punk and death metal. Hardworking and disciplined, the Fumes managed to gain a cult following by constantly adding new songs to set lists and by surprising audiences young and ancient!

As a long time act in Phnom Penh, the Fumes had the pleasure of performing at Equinox during a time when bands had to haul their own drum sets, before manager Anthony Mrugacz invested in the bar kit. This kept a few of our Khmer roadie friends happy and supportive as come Friday or Saturday nights, they got to take the night off from families, move our equipment, and drink beers with buddies at a local establishment. We appreciated how the quality of the gear at Equinox grew over the years and the constant professionalism of Anthony at the sound helm. His engineering was especially important as our sound, with heavy synths, vocoder, harmonising vocals, and guitar and vox effects pedals required constant tweaking during sound checks and shows. The folks at Equinox took great care to make sure that shows went off without a hitch, with minor interruptions (such as when the Equinox soundboard blew up a few hours before a show)…

To all the Equinox crew, the Fumes thank you for giving us the chance to perform and for providing the kind of open-minded, creative, encouraging, and equipped party environment that all dedicated bands could succeed within! We miss you all and the ‘Nox! Thanks man and see you soon,”  Jon

Leonard G. Reyes – Singer/Songwriter & Photographer

Leonard Reyes is a photographer and development worker by day and a musician by night. From 2011 until he left Cambodia in 2015, he played guitar for a number of bands in Phnom Penh including VibratoneRNA and Moi Tiet. He was also a regular fixture in open mic venues around Phnom Penh, being particulary inspired by spontaneous collaborations. He is now back in Manila playing with his two-decade old band the Village Idiots who play their own brand of socially concerned music. Leonard also performed with Los Illustrados and Vibratone.


SCODDY & the QUALITY DROPS – Rock n’ Roll

Scoddy andthe Quality Drops

In 2011, Scoddy & the Quality Drops was a six-piece band that played one performance in Equinox Bar, Phnom Penh just before I left Cambodia for what turned out to be a year in France. About half the material was original.

In 2013, the band was reformed as a quite different concept: a three part harmony band. I enlisted James Speck (vocals, ukulele, harmonica) and RJ Marshall (vocals, guitar) and Troy Campbell (drums), and we played a handful of gigs at Equinox Bar and other venues before the departure of both Troy (to the US) and RJ (to Europe). In addition to a handful of originals, we tackled the likes of The Beatles, The Who, James Taylor, Gram Parsons, The Thorns and the Traveling Wilburys.

Kosal Khiev -Spoken Word

Roxanne Dumont – Singer/Songwriter

JERBY SALAS SANTO -Singer/Songwriter

LES FROGS – Post Punk 

IMOJAH –Reggae

Richard RJ MarshallSinger/Songwriter


NABY -Reggae


From their FaceBook page: We are a group of musicians covering all corners of the world (France, England, Scotland, Brazil, Malaysia and South Africa, USA, New Zealand) We all share a love for music and are living proof that the language of music is universal.From the Leng Pleng:

Phnom Penh based folk band, Kheltica provide an entente cordial of musical traditions from France and the British Isles. Kheltica perform an eclectic mix of folk songs and dances from Brittany blended with traditional Irish and Scottish folk tunes and songs. The audience is invited to join in the Bretagne dancing, sing along with some well known Irish and Scottish songs or simply enjoy listening to the music.


JOE WRIGLEY – Singer/Songwriter

Rhiannon Johnson Quintet -Jazz & Soul


The band started in Thailand and moved over to Phnom Penh. 



Sonny Inbaraj Krishnan

Espresso Thmey – Khmer Rock/Traditional 2010-2013

Listen to samples from June 26th, 2013.

There are 2 sets from this unforgettable evening’s performance- 40 & 38 minutes. Only one copy exists. If you would like to own the master copy and rights to this recording please contact us.

“Expresso Thmey was a duo established to present Srey Thy as a vocalist with a simple acoustic backing, singing songs from the Cambodian Space Project’s repertoire, and others from the wider Khmer Rock songbook, without the full catastrophe of the band. For the Equinox shows, the concert area was transformed into an intimate, cabaret-style setting, and the evenings showed off the full expressive range of Thy’s voice, with great sound as ever.”  Scott

KEITH KENNY -Singer/Songwriter/Rocker

CONRAD KEELY -singer/songwriter

From his FB page: Singer-songwriter at Conrad Keely Music, Illustrator at Conrad Keely Art and on the road at …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

BACANO -Latino Rock

KEREN KEZIAH -Singer/Songwriter

WASH – spoken word / electronica

CHINO DE NOGALES – Singer/Songwriter



BALGASS -Gypsy Jazz

Professor Kinski (Jan Mueller)

DIEGO MARQUES -Flamenco / Latino

Sopbai Hanuka Klezmer Band


“That’s was one memorable night — rowdy klezmer, drunk expats from everywhere, Hasidic rabbi lighting candles.”  Sam

Michelle Irena Flemming – Singer/Songwriter

Lisa A. Concepcion – Singer/Songwriter

CLAYTON ENGLAND – Singer/Songwriter


Adobo Conspiracy

LISTEN TO LIVE SHOWS: November 23rd, 2013 · August 9th, 2014 · September 12th, 2014 · November 22nd, 2014 Set-A · November 22nd, 2014 Set-B · November 28th, 2014


The Phnom Penh music scene back then was that if you wanted to be along at the top tier of the plethora of bands playing in the city, it was frigging mandatory to land a gig at Equinox. Equinox was known to host not only the best bands in town, but also the occasional international acts that visited Phnom Penh. We were a relatively new band back then, and we had to make some noise if we wanted to be recognized. To us, the target was to be able to land a gig at Equinox. We had played at about almost all the other live music venues except Equinox, and when we were finally invited to come play, we were so happy I swear we saw an apparition of sneering angels just fly by. Ok, just ignore that last part.

We didn’t know what to make out of our first gig at Equinox – we were a little bit nervous. But then there was Anthony, Equinox’s revered and uber-meticulous sound manager. If you know Anthony, YOU’LL KNOW that he gets his shit done. If it means giving you a fucking lecture on sound, then fuck it. You’re getting it. It was like divine intervention. Only American.

Bands crave to play at Equinox for two reasons. One, it’s simply awesome. Two, you get free audio and video recordings. Now depending on how you played that night, the freebies will either make you feel good or it will shame you like a stripped down convict taking a shower with muscular naked men in a prison shower. But playing at Equinox has always been like ordering fries and getting a free bucket of cheese for free. It was just pure bliss in all its celestial, gastronomic goodness. Viva Equinox. Seth

AURIC EYES –Indie Folk-Rock


BUM n’ DRAZE -Hard Rock



From their FB page:

Celebrating 12 years of uncompromising underground excellence, Bum N’ Draze remains the longest-serving, nastiest and loudest original-material playing hard rock band in Indochina. With over 130 hardcore shows during their first dirty dozen of decadence, BnD has developed an ultra-loyal following known as ‘Jungle Metal Mob’ and has released 33 CDs (albums and singles, including the solo productions of the band members)… and still counting. BnD enters into their 13th year with the 2015 ‘Dirty Dozen’ tour and a new original material to be recorded soon! Not all that you hear about Bum N’ Draze’s maneuvers is true, but better to believe the legends. Rock’n roll can never die!



From their website: Crowds go bananas for Kiss the Funky Monkey. The band offers a unique punk-pop, funk-rock blend and the party-all-night energy of these five German guys is contagious.

Soren Borch and The Dudley Do-Rights

MAD-FER-IT –Oasis Cover Band

GRASS SNAKE UNION -Folk/Americana/Skittle

THE LOVE BELOW -Hip Hop/Funk/Soul  

CYCLOSONIK -Khmer/Western Fusion

Robin Narciso -Singer/Songwriter & frontman Sangvar Day

THE DIGS -Funk/ Super Soul

From their FB page: The Digs is a world class musical powerhouse. Featuring a collection of Toronto’s finest musicians, The Digs make amazing music for an unforgettable night.

DR. EGGS – Trunk Muzik

Dr. Eggs

LISTEN TO LIVE SHOWS: March 29th, 2013 Set 1 · March 29th, 2013 Set 2

From their FB page: Trunk Trunk Rock and Boom -For the past 15 years, Joul – the creative force behind DR.EGGS – has delivered hundreds of high energy performances to charged up audiences across Europe (France, England, Germany, Swiss land, Belgium…), Asia (Thailand, Philippines, Japan, China, Cambodia, Singapore, Taiwan…) and USA. ​The basic elements of the DR.EGGS experience are still there – angular synths, driving bass, aggro guitar and complex rhythms all topped by infectious melodies, slick raps and highly personal lyrics. DR.EGGS is returning to the studio again for recording their 3rd album, and will present another surprising music video soon after their last acclaimed music video – Little Things.

KOK THLOK -Khmer Traditional / Rock Fusion

Listen to live shows:

March 17th, 2012


JAWORSKI 7 -(Indios at Large!)Indie Rock

“People outside the Philippines got accustomed to seeing Filipino cover bands. Generally, people think that Filipino musicians only do top 40 and nothing more because that is what they usually see. That notion also held true in Phnom Penh, until our band, Jaworski 7 came into the scene. 

Jaworski 7’s music is influenced by indie rock, new wave and post-punk. So many local expats were surprised when they saw us playing our originals and doing covers of Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure, Sioxie and the Banshees etc.

Playing at Equinox was always a joy. The P.A. system always sounded better than the other clubs and the band always enjoyed the grub there. More importantly, the crowd in Equinox went to our gig to see us and enjoy our gig. Playing before the Equinox crowd was like playing before a UN congress. We had mixed nationalities as followers and many of them seemed to enjoy each other’s company.

I mentioned it before but I am just going to mention it again, even until now as I surf the net to view or listen to songs recorded in the venue, I realize the place really had a good audio bounce. Probably it was how the house was constructed and how their sound rig was set-up. I still don’t know how I will feel when I go back to street 278 without Equinox there.”  Jerby

JUMPIN’ JACKS -Rockabilly

TINY TOONES -Hip Hop / Dance

TEANER TERNERS -Original Indie Rock

DERRY PIGWEED – Singer/Songwriter

Listen to Live Shows:

March 7th, 2015


Listen to Live Shows:

February 20th, 2014

12me’ & RAPH – Hip Hop


”My fondest memories of our performances abroad are linked to Equinox all thanks to the ambiance, professionalism and overall great vibe there was thanks to you guys every single time we were in town. Every gig was a blast, the place was always packed…”  Raph

We’ve performed at equinox every time we ‘ve been to Phnom Penh simply because that was one of the best bar in the city to perform in. The crowd was always down to discover new artists and the staff always friendly. Nuff respect to Marco and Anthony for their true love for music.”  Mehdi

*UPDATE* Mehdi (12Me;) has relocated and is now living in Phnom Penh.

2 SHOTS & A CHASER -Rock n’ Roll

WORDS FROM THE ARTIST… “2 Shots and a Chaser began as a casual request to fill a slot on a random Friday night and what sounded good at the time was strumming out a little rockabilly. I (Jet Odrerir) had kicked out some tunes with my mate Ziad Samman during my open mic nights and he was game for cranking a couple of acoustic guitars through a board to see how bad it could sound. Norwegian pounder Henrik Rasmussen became the ‘chaser’ to our impromptu double-frontman chaos machine. If The Cramps could make their best records without a bass player, we could give it a shot too. We had a great crowd but everyone sat outside because our acoustic guitars combined with one of the loudest drummers I’ve ever played with was a bit over the top. It was so fun and obnoxious that we had to keep doing it. We had a number of lineup changes during our venture but the main ones were – Brent Clark joined in on saxophone and Julien Mariani replaced Henrik on drums after he left Cambodia. So what if it was now a four piece? We liked the name so it stayed. Playing at Equinox was particularly good because getting loud acoustic guitars to behave is a challenge, mix in a saxophone and it really gets messy. Gigs are so much better when everyone can hear themselves and we tore it up. On top of that, local swing dancers the Phnom Penh Pswingers came down to take advantage of there being a dance floor in front of the stage (something a surprising number of PP venues lack). A helluva night that even sounded good listening back to it later (another bonus, getting a recording of the show).”  Jet

Klezbodians -Klezmer/Eastern Euro

Moi Tiet! – Original Rock/Pop

“A Brit, a Filipino, a South African, a Frenchwoman and two Australians walk into a bar and unleash a melange of all-original pop/rock/funk/soul/blues tunes, with a double-vocal front, one of the most celebrated rhythm sections in town, a mesh of jazz-influenced horn with guitar effects. Occasionally an unorthodox approach to stringing guitars as well. Another of the wonderful melting pot Phnom Penh bands, where visual and experiential diversity, it seems, is important a consideration as any –We made ‘em laugh, we made ‘em dance, we made ‘em sing along. Songs written by Scott Bywater, Andre Swart and Jenna Holliday. You’ve got to put some love in the love bank if you want to take a withdrawal.”  Scoddy

MUSIC: POETRY  The Silver Pepper of the Stars

OCTOPUS – Brass Band from France


THE MINCERS – Rock from Tazmania

Los Illustrados – dalawang Pilipino

Power of Love -Rock

Ukes of Hazard

Rio Samaya – Latin

OSMOSIS – Oasis Tribute Band




MUSIKERO -Rock / Pop


Eastern Jazz Brigade







TJ Brown -Singer/Songwriter

Listen to Live Shows:

February 24th, 2014

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