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UPDATE:  The good folks at Stickermule decided to cancel my order without any explanation.

So if they offer you something please don’t rely on their word. I would expect such business practices from Californians but alas these New Yorkers show their true colors. Luckily, as of today December 25th, 2018, my website is only ranked at number 5,352,484 by Alexa. And we all now how important Big Sister and Big Brother are these modern times.


I am using this ultra-cool / stupid sticker design for my new add campaign to promote the worst damn website on the Internet- yes my very own. 

Ain’t they grand! Got them from the folks at stickermule. Click here or on the god damn mule’s face and get a $10 credit on an order. No shit Sherlock. If anyone wants one of my new stickers for their guitar case please let me know. I am sure it would be a good theft deterrent.

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