More than just the heat is up in July 2020.

3 new designs-- Khmer woman, Ohio Corn fed, and Plain White Trash text.
New designs flying in July.

Greetings Website Members,

Whether your locked down or up, we hope life is beginning to come back to an enjoyable state of normality. Good things happening here in our corner of cyberspace. So let’s begin.

  1. OUR SHIRTS ON AMAZON – The factories have reportedly open in NorthAmerica so the production of our designs on Amazon are back in full swing. Currently we are limited to 25 designs on this site. For a greater selection of our uber unique designs check out our main online outlet.
  2. WORLD DOMINATION – Yes we out gun the Whitehouse in social media outlets but of course not in followers. One can join us on the platform of your choice but better yet forward this email and tell a friend. Wouldn’t it be nice if the people of the world enjoyed music, art, and fashion more than divisive politics. Here are our social media sites: Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | Youtube
  3. NEW DESIGNS & DISCOUNTS – July is my mom’s birthday months so we have in the spirit of celebration discounted all our women’s shirts (and long sleeve shirts too) to honor this. We have three new designs soon to be available (see pic at top of post).
  4. WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION – You want you got it! Our main site orders at can be shipped worldwirde, Amazon site delivers to the USA and Canada, and the webitse, T Shirt Mill distributes in Australia. So there ya go!
  5. FOODIE? NOT. HUNGRY? YES! – After 36 countries and a lot of interesting meals we are currently domesticated and enjoying the fruits of our labor (or should I say vegetables) from our victory garden. So as the occasion arises we will be posting fun and fantastic easy to cook dishes on our recipe page, Fat Tony’s Favorite Original Recipes. This week was out tasty and oh so healthyKale and Mushrooms plate and soon our favorite easy to make Garlic Soup. maybe its time for me to post my super original CambodianCricket Burger recipe!
  6. SUMMER READS – Two recommendations this newsletter: 1) My interesting and ever so affordable eBooks on Amazon. 2) The calming yet inspring poetry of Scott Bywater on his site- Silver Pepper of the Stars.
  7. TO BE OR NOT TO BE – Or in reality, to write or not to write. Talk around our world headquarters here in Ohio has been getting me to write a book. The ideas has been bouncing around but itseems I will need everyone’s help. The basic concept is 101 stories of experiences in my life that to me seem interesting, fascinating, or just plain bizzare. An autobography of snippets- oh behave. More to follow…
  8. FREE MUSIC CONTINUES – If you haven’t listened to any of the hundreds of high quality live concert recordings I did in Phnom Penh, Cambodia this past decade, I betcha its because you dont know where to start. So this newsletter recommendation is a band from the UK, Will and the People. Enjoy.

Be safe and focus on your dreams, until next time.

Ciao Bella!

Anthony Mrugacz

P.S. Stay extra safe, try this reusable and washable version of a N95 mask- the venerable R95!