Motherland MotherLoad Sale – This Weekend Only

Motherland MotherLoad  Sale - This Weekend Only advert from Mrugacz.

Wow, a surprise Motherland MotherLoad Sale to end them all. Starting now and through the weekend we are offering 20% off all shirts, upgrade your worn out wardobe with some of our groovy and unque designs. The weather is changing and get stoocked up on a few long sleeve shirts to layer properly. Like Ohio tornado season this one comes in quick and is for a short duration. Shop now!

We Don’t Need No Stinking Coupon Code

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At our last corporate meeting we discussed keeping things simple. Our team of experts recommened we try dropping the coupon code free4me for our free shipping option in the USA and Canada. The facts are who wants to remember another bunch of numbers and letters in this world of passwords and 2F verification. The results re in and we are offering free shipping to the United States of America and to the great red maple leaf flagged menace to the north, Canada.

Motherland MotherLoad Sale – Are Some Shirts On Sale that get the 20% Off?

Yes we do- all the Polish Dancing Girl ?Krakowianka Shirts in short and long sleeves are $2.00 off plus the 20% discount off that price. Throw in that free shipping and Wham Bam- a helluva pre-Holiday Sale is at your finger tips. All designs are available in short and long sleeves- sorry no coffee mugs.

Customer of the Year

As soon as we send off the free gifts for our customer of the year we will let you know. Surprises are fun especially when they don’t involve legal action.

Stay warm and remember our sale ends at midnight on Sunday October 24th, 2021.

Ciao Amici!


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