Music Buddies –

What a stupid silly @ss name for a monthly feature, “Music Buddies“, but hey it is my website and these cats are my friends.
A reverse chronological order list of good folks I know and the option to listen and, if your wise enough, jump on links to purchase their work. So don’t be a clown, scroll down and listen up my friends. As I like to say, you’ll be glad you did. Don’t forget, adding whiskey to a glass and listening to music is good for your mental health. Learn something new about the real world.

January 2019 – Uncomfortably White Brothers – Learn more click here

Videographer- Joe Wrigley

December 2018 – David Rhodes Brown ¤ Cincinnati, Ohio

November 2018 – Scott “Scoddy” Bywater ¤ Phnom Penh, Cambodia

October 2018 – Clayton England ¤ Richmond, Virginia


Upcoming Music Buddies for 2018/2019

January – Let’s see I can put one of my friends here or anybody that wants to make a donation to my website. 😉