Nasty October Surprise 2020 – Virus Virus Who’s Got the Virus!

We are taking a gamble on big discounts on our merchandise in November.

Just in time for great deals on out best designs on T-shirts, longsleeve shirts, and snuggly warm sweatshirts. But wait it is not up to us – we are letting nature decide by natural selection- its politics versus science at its best! We are happy to announce our October Surpise Bingo* promotion. Just download and keep track on your own or join our website to keep informed. There is even a chance to win a free t-shirt of your choice but you must be a member of our website to win – join today!

EVERYONE THAT JOINS OUR WEBSITE WILL GET A FREE T-SHIRT IF FAUCI AND MCCONNELL TEST POSITIVE OR MINI TRUMP AND CONEY DOG BARRETT DO. If Pence goes positive then its $5 off all our sweatshirt designs and man oh man they are hot as flu fever on day 3. And yes of course, our privacy policy is strict so rest assured.

Just downland the image or PDF to follow the October Surprise Bingo*

2020 all the twists and turns of a venomous snake!

BREAKING BALLS NEWS: We just learned Amy Coney Dog Bare It had COVID, we are close to giving away free t-shirts!

Bingo Card Updated October 8th, 2020

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60 different t-shirt designs by Mrugacz on 60 people.


  1. To win a free t-shirt one must be registered via email as a current and good standing blog follower the day before the finally square occupant on the bingo card is confirmed medically positive for the COVID-19 virus. Winners of the free t-shirt will not be repsonisble for taxes nor shipping costs. Free t-shirt is available to U.S.A., Canadian, and Mexican citizens with a mailing address in one of these respective countries.
  2. Once a row or column is filled then that promotion is active and the game becomes inactive.
  3. If a discount offer is selected by a row or column being filled by the above conditions mentioned in first paparagrah of the rules then the promotion will be applied to any and all customer orders worldwide for the entire month of November 2020.
  4. Bingo promotion ends when a row or column is filled, or the month of Octber 2020 ends.
  5. Any confusion or irregularity will be fairly judged by me asking my mom for advice in making a decision.