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STOP THE PRESS! Update 20 October 2021 – Now offering free shipping – no coupon needed!

It is Halloween harvest time so let’s display our best offer yet- Great Trick Best Treat Free Shipping for You. Currently anyone signing up to follow our blog gets a code for free shipping to the USA and Canada. Since you all have already signed up, here’s your code for free shipping at checkout: free4me No code needed- free shiping on all orders- Hurray!

We do appreciate all you that follow our adventures and our creative endevours especially in these troubling times. FYI- are entire staff has been vaccinated and anxiously await boosters and hopefully the freedom to travel. Have a friend that might enjoy our website, designs, AND free shipping? Please forward or post this email wherever and to whoever you like. A big thanks in advance for any added support.

This fun website services sales to the USA and Canada (the great red menace to the north) but we also offer our products worldwide that your overseas friends and family might like. Here’s our current global network lineup of country distribution.

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Lock Down and Scores Way Up

Google Index Speed scores for Anthony Mrugacz' website- 98 and 100.

Time seems to drag on for most but for us it has gone by fast. And fast is our new normal. Our site has been completely revamped and streamlined to meet industry Internet standards. Just look at out current speed index scores from the behemoth Google- Desktop 100 and Mobile 98. We are not only proud of our work but sleep better knowing there’s no struggle to view all our designs. Speaking of designs, our creative department has been well caffeinated and hard at wokr producing those simple and bold designs we are famous for. For 2021 we definiteley SEO optimized to serve the planet quicker.

Great Trick Best Treat Free Shipping isn’t enough news?

What’s the Buzz? New New New Designs Are Available

Here’s a lineup of mugshots for our newest graphics. Sure there are more but here’s the latest six. As always simple and bold. Each product has a story to tell and it’s in the the description. Like the 1st design below is our favorite Cambodian bartender AND is an officially authorized product approved by Mr. Vy himslef. The 2nd desig was in honor of ‘National Star Trek Day”, nerd out baby! We are limting our site to a lucky number of 59 designs, Designs that move on go onto to our Amazon brand store so fear not.

All our designs fall under the banner of Great Trick Best Treat Free Shipping using code: free4me

Live Music is Dead (at least in Cleveland) – Long Live Rock ‘ Roll

From the coining of the phrase, “Rock n’ Roll”, originating city of the world’s 1st rock concert, and the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame- Cleveland is just a world leader in cover bands and large concerts with 20th century gray haired touring bands. The sweat of packed dance floors and intimate performances have been replaced by corporate influence making it absolutely boring. So where can creativity in entertainment be found. Why one just needs to read the three interviews with artists I did recently. And yes there have been updates in their careers: Soctt Bywater has a new musical release working with Professor Kinski, Ricky Nye upgraded his piano, and Paul Brooke is workng on a new website for his models and puppets. Don’t spend a hunderd bucks on some over rated concert in a packed mega venue- check out these talented blokes for some real entertianment.

No Mom just a Pop Shop

All of us have been hit hard and fast by this centuries hoefully only pandemic. Alas our micro business is feeling the brunt and our suppliers and shippers have announced slight price increases. To offset this we set up our free shipping code coupon, free4me, and in addition introduced a ten percent (10%) discount. The new offer will appear automatically when you spend thirty dollars ($30) or more at checkout. We understand we all need new clothes after months and months of inactivity, so there’s are gift to get you back out and about in style.

Closing Notes and What’s next
Interior notebook design on the page Great Trick Best Treat Free from Mrugacz.

Expansion due to demand is exciting, we are now available on all Amazon locations worldwide. Our sales have been popular enough that they raised our product limit from 100 to 6,400, that’s amazing eh? Even better, in addition to our line of 150+ blank lined notebook journals designs sized at US letter size 8.5 x 11 inch (21.59 x 27.94 cm), we are introducing a new smaller sized line with all your favorite designs on the covers. The new format is unique and the most useful notebook on the market today. It is the perfect size 5 inch x 8 inch (12.7 cm x 20.32 cm dimensions) and fits perfectly into a large coat or jacket pocket, your back pack or satchel. Designed with the traveller, scientist, observer, craftsman, student, musician, or poet in mind. The dot graph on the left is great for designing, map drawing or ideas to scale, and the right for those thoughts you need to keep safe and share. We love this useful design and it will fit in the back pocket of your jeans! Try that with your iPad or Android tablet!

Acrylic painting by Mrugacz in the post Great Trick Best Treat Free Shipping.

Here’s an example of my new smaller and extremely useful notebooks.

Journals are the perfect gift for any occasion. View all our new pocket sized blank lined artistic journals here. We are adding more daily just in time for holiday shopping.

Golly we think about it but haven”t written down our brand story. Aren’t you curious how this website came about? Other great new, other than PayPal and Stripe for checkout, we have added ApplePay and AmazonPay to make things smooooooth for you. So let’s talk about data and its safety for you our faithful customers- we keep our website well monitored and don’t use alot of fancy pants plugins created by mysterious overseas computer code engineers. You can always shop with confidence with us!

Customer of the Year Program

Great Trick Best Treat Free Shipping announcemnt's pic of the customer of the year for Mrugacz.

We will be announcing our customer of the year soon. So now, a few months before the holiday rush, is a great time to start wearing our designs and be a satisfied customer. Last year’s loyal fan was a bass player who chose as a prize his favorite shirt to match his guitar. This year we will be giving away a painting to birghten the walls of our 2021 customer of the year. What’ you did not know we offer acrylic paintings and color drawings on our website? Want to pay for real art (no NFT here) with crypto curreny- no problem! Free shipping on our artwork worldwide, that’s never an issue- we will get it to you.

Give It Away, Give It Away Now

Great Trick Best Treat Free Shipping blog post also offers a free eBook by Mrugacz.

We didn’t forget to offer a free eBook for 5 days from September 24, 2021 to September 28, 2021. Your think January 6th, 2021 was a hoot, see how an Asiatic dictatorship walks a thin line to win a landslide majority victory. America take note. Here’s the link to your free Kindle eBook by Anthony Mrugacz.

The 2008 Parliamentary Elections in the Kingdom of Cambodia : How the ruling Cambodian People’s Party Won

Rather listen to music and still like free stuff? Here’s a free download of an album I produced in Phnom Penh, Cambodia a decade ago, The Mekong Pirates – Roulette

Before we go, yes we have a bunch of new faces on our wall of fame/shame- check it out! Maybe its time to send in your selfie with your Mrugacz designed shirt?

Be safe and be creative! Your friend, Anthony

P.S Great Trick Best Treat Free SHipping uses coupon code: free4me

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King June Bug versus Cicadazilla

Cambodian temple and statue.

King June Bug versus Cicadazilla, which insect will rule this summer?

Gardens are blooming, economies booming, and we are ignoring inflation as best we can holding back on price increases. There have been few insects, hence the battle between King June Bug versus Cicadazilla has not materialized. Since springtime is a great time of year, we decided to make it better with a choice of discounts on purchases from now until the end of D-Day the Sixth of June, 2021. So here’s the schpeel…

June has arrived without any brooding insects at our corporate office in NE Ohio so we decided to bug y’all.

Spend $10.00 using code VBTWRKM7 and receive $2.00 off your purchase.

Spend $20.00 using code 7676WJRP and receive $5.00 off your purchase.

If you forward ths email to your friends they will also get this discount. Remember sale ends soon!

Flower painting in many colors and not related to King June Bug versus Cicadazilla.


The brushes are out and a new series of paintings are emerging. Recently my mother gave ne all of her acrlic paints in new and many metallic colors. This could be interesting. Check out my current inventory of artwork.

Amazon has approved these notebooks featuring these new designs and link will be posted next to each piece. FYI the paintings come with free shipping to the lower 48 US States. Outside that I will hand deliver overseas if purchases a round trip ticket to the delivery destination. Hey, everybody needs a vacation every once in awhile.


In Southeast Asia one will discover Cambodians (They call themselves Khmers) learn English more than the neighboring ASEAN countries. Since it is 3rd Tier English often taught by non-native speakers and when mixed in with social media, a hybrid develops- that’s were Khmenglish comes in. We offer a 500+ term dictionary filled with humor and sarcasm explaining the ins and outs of its usage. But why mention it now? Well its being updated and translated into French and Spanish. It should hit shelves, Amazon and Google Playstore by July 2021. Learn more.

The weather is just too darn nice to sit here in front of the computer screen, so we will say farewell and be safe out there. Send us those pics wearing our shirts from all your worldwide holiday locations this summer!

Adios, Anthony

Chinese Long March 5B Rocket

Mrugacz rocket blazing into earth atmoshpere.

Chinese Long March 5B Rocket is making World Headlines!

Looking for some free Sino Space Junk from a Chinese Long March 5B Rocket? Scientist state exact entry point into the Earth’s atmosphere can’t be calculated but don’t let that stop you.

So that’s where you, the people of the earth, come in to help- find a piece, take a selfie with it once it has cooled down and we will send you a free t-shirt of your choice. You won’t find this offer anywhere else in the galaxy, so keep you eyes to the skies this weekend for a chance to score big. Offer to the 1st three Chinese junk scavengers that email us their glorious finds. Offer expires May 22nd, 2021.


Summer will soon be upon us and if your headed to a Portugese beach- why not strut your stuff ? Filipe is here showing off his new t-shirt from in Portugal. Now I have to ask myself, “Why do all the customers who send in selfies with our shirts all have beards?” Maybe we should start selling shavings kits! Yes we love when customers send in pictures of our shirts in exotic places. Pants are required.

3 Tshiert designs not related to Chinese Long March 5B Rocket.


Creativity and inspiration are hard to come by after montsh and months of lockdown. However the calculated use of Cuban-style espresso can easily drive the gears in motion when we need a few new designs for the Summer Season 2021. So here are a few samples. See the whole collection here.

Beautiful Ohio Flower Garden with no Chinese Long March 5B Rocket debris.


A year round adventure from Sylvia’s garden – the most beautiful spot in Northeast Ohio. Some people inherit riches, I have a been assigned a garden. And yes it has a blog. If you love working out doors to relieve the stress of it all take a look! It may not look much right now but by following my garden blog one can see the magical transformation of a dull Ohio landscape into a mini-garden of Eden.

Shelves of liqour in a Cambodian bar.


Sometimes all that outdoor work doesn’t releive the stress and you really really really want to wind down. Sure a ice cold beer is easy to pop open but try a fabulous cocktails- your’re worth it. We have released the cocktail recipes from the bar retaurant art gallery live music venue I manager in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Sure there are a lot of cocktails on the list you know but maybe, just maybe there may be something new! Download the recipes today for a better tomorrow.

Musicians, The Fumes, on stage at Equinox.


It seems I am not the only one who drinks way too much coffee. Brian Webster, the drummer for Phnom Penh’s THE FUMES, is roaring into retirement by making a documentary about the Phnom Penh Music Scene. Brian has found our website to be a good reference about the Golden Age of Barang (Foreigner) Music in Cambodia. His first documentary is now on YouTube- The Fumes in Phnom Penh – A Documentary.

Book cover by Anthony Mrugacz.


Nothing gets my goat like the use of buzzwords during interviews on radio and televison. As soon as I hear, “challenge”, “landscape”, “absolutely”, “conversation” and the like- I hit the off button and turn to a good book. Running out of interesting reads, well it’s freebie time for my subscribing members and anyone who wanders to my blog. Starting Saturday May 8th through Wednesday May 12th, 2021 get a free copy of my travel journal on Amazon: Misadventures in Mexico & Belize

A true story- a travel journal from 1991. Two Texans and one Chevy four wheel drive truck cross the Rio Grande River, Longe before GPSs, smartphones,and the free WiFi-, an adventurer just needed a whole lotta cajones to traverse mountains, jungles, & beaches south of the border. Living at times off the land, at other just day dreaming in a hammock.

There’s no pictures in the book but you can see all the scanned images from back in the day of 35mm film cameras with manual focus on my The world as I knew it in photography page.

Colored drawings of flowers better looking than a piece of Chinese Long March 5B Rocket.


As you may or may not know my colored pencil drawings are for sale by making an offer. One can see I accept PayPal and cryptocurrencies- BTC, XMR, IOTA, and BCN. We are now accepting it as payment for our colorful flower drawings. Make an offer on a drawings and no worries mate, I pay shipping on my end.

We appreciate you stopping by and reading this newsletter’s ramblings. All you travel nuts with friends overseas, let them know our designs are available just about worldwide- Australia, Germany, Japan, France, UK, and North America. Next issue we may reveal our brand story on how we picked up brush and canvas on a whim. Until next time.

Ciao amicos,


P.S. Can’t say our website name? Here’s how you say it!

P.S.S. Found a piece of that Chinese Long March 5B Rocket yet?