New Tattoo? No – just a new idea.

Thinking cap screwed on a little too tight this week… #mrugacz 😉

Too busy to paint or draw a new design so I glanced in the mirror and decided- “Hey, that’ll do!”. So I have taken the tattoo on my right arm and made it into a T-shirt.

It is available in different colors in the short sleeve version. I put out a long sleeve version in black since Autumn is just around the corner. Until the end of August I have dropped the price US$5.00 on the black long sleeve shirt. Get ’em while there hot and before it gets cold! Follow this link.

When it arrived I tried it on and something interesting happened! Watch the video to discover! Get one today – click here.

PS – a few new designs from this summer… oh not a fan of Amazon? My products are also on Redbubble, here is a 10% discount coupon.

#mrugacz 😉

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