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To hell with Itunes, now you can own the original recordings and master rights to these ultra-rare live concert recordings from Equinox in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Purchase and own the ONLY copy with the Master Rights! Why not start your own record company? Not available in stores. 

Learn more – click here.   ~200+ more recordings will be added soon.    

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These music tracks are the original live concert recordings from Equinox in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Purchasing an item from this list gives the purchaser the Master Rights to the recording. Please make back up copies of the download as after 24 hours the copy on the server will be permanently deleted and the purchaser will have the only copy.

The 30 second samples played from this website are of reduced quality from the original tracks.

All tracks recorded on two channels, one from the main sound console output and a 25mm condenser microphone four meters up and three meters in front of the stage. All audio signals were run though a tube (valve) pre-amplifier before being recorded digitally. The tracks were then mixed down by the original recording engineer. Any additional information needed or questions, please use the contact form below. Special discounts available for special people.

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