Polish no more – Now a bit of American

Historically accountable for DNA from Latin Amercia but the Asian chromosones?

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or now shall I say “Rimaykullayki” in Quechua the Language of the Incas after learning I have Peruvian DNA. I read online about Peru’s history at the time my ancestor traveled from there to Europe. It was right at the time the Spainards where conquering the Inca Empire and enrichening themselves on on the silver from the region. So I wonder was my Peruvian ancestor male or female? Did the conquest result in a bond with a Spainard that resulted in my Iberian DNA traces? Who am I? Part mestizo and a mixture of humanity from all over the planet through a scientific lens? Or shall I drop all curiosity and remain culturally a Polish-American. The strange feelings and distant thoughts that arrive in one’s mind after a DNA are hard to explain…

So a glance at historical facts and scientific results can reasonably help us understand my almost 5% “American” DNA biology. The real challenge is to discover how the just shy of 6% Asian DNA ended up in my anatomy. looking at the maps and knowing world history well I could come up with a multitude of explanations but the points on the report maps from CRI Genetics land of such a scattered part of the South, Southeast, and Eastern parts of the Asian continent, I haven’t a clue where to start. Any ideas?

If you haven’t yet viewed my DNA reports and could shed some light on these mysteries or are just plain curious and fascinated about life, history, science, art, and cultural as I am, please take a look.

I leave you with two photographs from my adventure to Poland in 1998. One leaving Austin, Texas headed to New York to fly with my BMW motorcycle over to Europe. If anything the experience exposed me to Slavic Folk Art and started my career as an amateur artist. View my version of Slavic Folk Art.

And the second a funky polaroid shot of me on the outskirts of Brześć Kujawski, Poland, the home village of my father’s side of the family after the grueling 6,000 mile/10,000 kilometer journey to get there. Maybe in another post I could tell of some of those adventures from 2 decades ago.

In closing, I guess I should ask myself which strand of DNA gives me impulses to travel and be curious about where I am really from? or is this mankind’s evolution of letting the past control your future. What ever it is remember the best things in life require hard work and little or no guaranteed reward, just the satisfaction of trying is worth it all.

P.S. Here’s the text from a CRI Genetics emailthat changed my life:

Time to explore the wealth of information written in your genetic code, Anthony

We’re very excited to tell you that your reports are now ready for you to view and enjoy.

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