King June Bug vs. Cicadazilla

Cambodian temple and statue.

June has arrived without any brooding insects at our corporate office in NE Ohio so we decided to bug y’all. Gardens are blooming, economies booming, and we are ignoring inflation as best we can holding back on price increases. Since springtime is a great time of year, we decided to make it better with a … Read more

May Day, Mayday, m’aidez!

Back of white shirt on Portugal saying anthonymrugacz.con - Cleveland, Ohio USA.

Our favorite season and month- wonderous back-to-life May is here very soon AND of course it is birthday month here at So let’s get things rollin’! BATTLE FOR VIEWS We recently added a number of views calculator on our homepage and you can see we are rapidly approaching the 11,000 mark. But alas it … Read more

A Piano, A Puppet, and A Poem – Part 3 of 3

Faceboof live logo along with 3 4sets of Ricky Bye;s hands playing piano.

BLUES, BOOGIE WOOGIE, AND NEW ORLEANS PIANO Ricky Nye Cincinnati, Ohio Going Live in three, two, one… Is this mic on? What inspired you to do FB live performances? When the Covid shutdown occurred on March 15th, 2020, all my live performances were cancelled – after spending my adult life focused on performing, the absence of … Read more

A Poem, A Puppet, and A Piano – Part 2 of 3

Sunset on the beach with 2 people in a silohuette.

Poet & Musician Scott “Scoddy” Bywater Phnom Penh, Cambodia Discussing A Recent Publication Celebrating 10 years of his Poetry. 10 years is linear, this collection of poems is _________? Why 10 years? More time during pandemic times? A personal milestone? It’s been ten years since I came back to poetry, set up a blog ( … Read more