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Winning Abgkor beer can label with a 3 leaf clover background.

Yes, we are up all night!

The odds, well, one could calculate but why bother- it is only Angkor beer. This really happened… Friends and I usually meet at the Salon Pub at Street 5 & 130 before we carouse out into the Phnom Penh nightlife scene. A few nights ago conversations started rolling in three language so I stuck around…

Picture of "Do Not Trash" sign in Cambodia.

Khmenglish – Say What? Wat Phnom!

Traveling to Cambodia soon to visit Angkor Wat? Time to learn about Khmenglish – the way we speak English in Cambodia. The Khmenglish Android App has just been updated to version 4.8.8 –Learn more click here. Our friend Gobshite has a few words to say about the world of Khmenglish.

All seeing eye graphic.

Live music killed the Video Star – Scoddy and the Oscarmen

ever happened to MTV anyways and who cares? If you you want to have some kind of basic human existence, the sure fire way is with live entertainment. It doesn’t matter which one pefers- spoken word, theatre, music, or even sports. Shut off that screen and get out tonight before its too late, may I…

Loudspeaker on a pole in Kampong Cham , Cambodia.

5, 4, 3, 2, Now only 1½ Reasons Remain until “Cool” is Gone,

Cambodia is a gambler’s paradise if your a foriegner (barang). Try to walk into a casino if your a Khmer (Cambodian National) and legally you can be turned away. So the foreigners are left to gamble but not just in the casinos but investing in a business in Phnom Penh. I came across a short…

Khmer girl singing karaoke in the street at Salon Pub Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Salon Pub Episode 1 Street Style Karaoke

Phnom Penh nightlife is often in the bars, restaurants, & clubs. However, this little gem of a late night spot on the street, the Salon Pub, has a style & vibe all its own. See why Phnom Penh is the best city in Asia with so much to offer- it is real here, very real.

Black and white cat rolling on its back.

Time Machine – Cincinnati

Ancient photographs from 1977 through 1985 when I proudly resided in Cincinnati. Wow, my 1st street motorcycle- yes, I built that as a teenager. Plenty of fantastic friends who have encouraged me on my wild worldly endeavors. Ben Marts, David Rhodes Brown, Donna Leist, Mark Chenault, Sean Vigel, Julie Carnes. Kevin Walker, & more.

South East Asia Soul Revue on stage in Phnom Penh.

South East Asian Soul Revue – Phnom Penh

Climbing the Cambodian music charts – South East Asian Soul Revue! Finally some video footage of the band. What could go wrong? A dancing pink booted bandit- that’s what went wrong! After a few years of being a bit dormant, there seems to be some life coming back into the Phnom Penh music scene. So nice to…

Film Title- PIZZA FOOL- by Anthony Mrugacz.


A short film about late night fun in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Starring Mr. Vy as himself, main bartender at Oscar’s on the Corner. Phnom Penh is a extremely fun city. The day and night are two different world’s. The one thing they have in common is street food vendors. Seemingly out of nowhere small stalls…

Picture of cartoon devil with pitch fork, the Cyrcee logo.

The Secret Bar – Cyrcee – Has a New Location

Here is a sneak peak at the new Cyrcee Bar in Phnom Penh. The new location is 182 Street 130, Phnom Penh, just 1/2 block west of Norodom Blvd., not far from Central Market.

Sign on Cambodian Ant-Corruption building stating no photographs or video allowed.

Cambodian Parliamentary Elections 2018

All is quiet on the Southeast Front in my photos and video. Cambodian National Parliamentary Elections Photographs & Video Friday, July 27th – Saturday July 29th, 2018. The days of the wild, wild east are gone and the Phnom Penh metropolis was more concerned with having Sunday brunch than anything else. BREAKING NEWS: Final election results…

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Cambodian Country Band on stage at Oscar's on the Corner in Phnom, Penh Cambodia.

Night Out with Country Music

Never in a million years would a real honky tonkin’ country music band pop up in Cambodia. But sure enough one did and they are darn good! Here are some shots from fun Monday nights out in Phnom Penh.

Stage left view of Alvin Haughton and Winston Rodaney, aka Burning Spear, performing a reggae concert.

Burning Spear Tours

These were good times, almost a decade’s worth of international travel. These are the fun and a bit odd behind the scenes look of life on tour with Burning Spear.

Noodles drying on trays on a Phnom Penh Street.

Rainy Season July 2018

For what it’s worth the last decade of change of Cambodia’s capitol, Phnom Penh, has been for the better. Here are a few shots as I strolled around the Pearl of Asia for the last month of my vacation. Yes, it is my favorite city on the planet for friends, food, music, and dancing.  

Haunting Devil masked man parading at Kurentovanje festival in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kurentovanje Festival – Cleveland 2017

The end of Cleveland’s Winter and the pagan welcoming of springtime. So that’s what it is all about but in reality the parade day was absolutely unbearably cold. The only folks who were warm had on those hairy US$900 costumes made in Slovenia. To learn more about this unique aspect of Cleveland’s cultural heritage, please visit the…

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Mult-colored acrylic painting of psychedelic insect orgy.

Acrylic Paintings

Talented – nope, inspired – yes! Created in the winter of 2015 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. At the ripe old age of 55, I walked into an art supply store and decided to paint. The live music venue that I managed closed due to a rent increase of 333%. Rather than frown in the fave of…

Protesters hold signs at RNC in Cleveland.

Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio 2016

Economic disaster for local businesses in downtown Cleveland during the 2016 Republican Convention. The city government boasted of an economic mini-boom to all the local business owners that really fizzled.Over stocked, over staffed, and facing many barriers that restricted foot traffic, business owners could not compete with all the small parties that supplied free food…

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Survival Frog

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Mekong Pirates perform on the Equinox stage in Phnom Penh.

Mekong Pirates 2010

The Mekong Pirates from Phnom Penh were a fun bunch, the shows were always a really good time.  Here are a few rare shots from the early days of Equinox taken with a Nokia telephone. Download a copy of their album “Roulette”.  

Concert photo of Lords of Acid singer on stage in Houston, Texas.

Lords of Acid Tours

These are two groups of Lords of Acid photographs. The black and white shots from a concert in Houston, Texas.The color photographs from the time I toured with them. For more info about the band, check out their website.

Sign for Street 278 - Phnom Penh's Golden Street.

Equinox 20 Months of Decay

Empty and decaying, the old Equinox lays in ruin waiting for a speculative investor. As of today, it has been empty over 3 year and 3 months and is in worse condition. A rent increase from US$1,500 to US$5,000  per month was the cause for its closing. To learn more about this history of the closed landmark,…

Left side view of a trashed TS185 Suzuki Enduro.

1978 Suzuki TS-185 from Junk to Hunk

A real treasure of a find, a 1978 Suzuki TS186 for US$100! It was beat down bad but an easy project to restore as I had a huge discount on parts being a MSF instructor.

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Clay Henry, the beer drinking goat of Lajitas, Texas, drinking a can of Lone Star beer.

20th Century Austin Music Scene

Everyone hates the expression, “Back in the old days”, but sure enough here are photos from that era. Expect many more photographs to be scanned and uploaded here. Many of these pictures are from concerts I worked when Austin was booming with talent and busting with excitement. If you are headed to Austin, Texas, checkout the…


Equinox Staff 2010-2015

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The world famous shelf full of bottles of alcohol at Equinox.

Equinox in Review

The place was often slammed with happy customers and happier staff. Here’s another view taken during those quiet moments in the Phnom Penh music scene.  

The best smile in Phnom Penh by the Coconut Lady

Holidays December 2016 – January 2017

A superb month long visit visiting friends in Phnom Penh. A great escape from the ice cold Ohio winter.

Anthony Mrugacz on a Moto Guzzi in Cormet De Roselend.

Crossing Europe on a Moto Guzzi

My best guess is that this was back in the summer of 2000 when a group off 43 Dutchmen and 1 Texan (myself) rode from the Netherlands to Northern Italy.Sadly, I had 2 major catastrophic failures on two different motorcycles 1) a broken valve, 2) front master cylinder explosion and front brake rotor fire (at…

Small group of Khmer men sit around a small fire in Kampong Cham.

Khmer New Year 2010

A trip out to a village in Kampong Cham in April 2010 for a Khmer New year celebration. All in all it was fun and educational but eventual took a turn for the worse. Maybe I will share the story some day…

Thai female singer on stage with microphone in Pattaya.

Pattaya 2016

Pattaya, Thailand – Holiday Party Destination for many International Travellers. Way too full on for me and it bored me at night. However, the daytime gave me a few photo opportunities. The eleven days I stayed there made me miss Phnom Penh. Did not have any good experiences with Thai cuisine. Maybe next time I should explore…

Anthony Mrugacz as a child on a plastic motorcycle.

My Beemers

It is hard to believe I owned three BMW motorcycles at one time. Currently I still drive the Silver 1985 K100RS and it has over 128,000 miles on the odometer. In 1998 I flew it to Europe on Lufthansa Airlines and spent three months camping in Europe.  

Lech Wałęsa visiting Panna Maria

Lech Wałęsa visits Panna Maria

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the 1st Polish settlement in Panna Maria, Texas. Guest speaker was Solidarity Movement leader, ex-Polish President, and Nobel Peace Prize winner- Lech Walesa.

Two men examine a flat tire on a motorcycle in Merida, Yucatan.


Great memories on these shots of the fun people we met in Mexico. All photos were taken with a 35mm film camera and the prints scanned. It was a lot of work so please enjoy. Better yet download a copy of my journal as an e-book for insights on how Mexico used to be. Misadventures…

Front view of a Silver 1985 BMW K100RS.

1985 BMW K100RS

It ain’t pretty but still runs like a champ after 33 years. At 129,000+ miles, still of full pep & punch. It has been as far west as New Mexico and as far east as the Polish-Belarus border. And here is proof that I am a knucklehead- I have kept detailed track of all the…

Chevy K-10 truck a top a hill in central Mexico.

Mexican Highlands & Pacific Coast

Crossing the Mexican highlands from the Texas border to the Pacific. All photos were taken with a 35mm film camera and the prints scanned. It was a lot of work so please enjoy. Better yet download a copy of my journal as an e-book for insights on how Mexico and Belize used to be. Misadventures…

View of an empty Equinox on Street 278 in Phnom Penh near Wat Langka.

Empty Equinox

Live music bubble bursts… read more. More than just a bar restaurant live music venue art gallery, it was a home of creative minds and fun times. This a collection of pics I took after everything was emptied out.

1979 Chevy K10 truck crossing a small river on the New Highway in Belize.


Mayan king's profile cut in stone.


Photographs taken while in the Yucatan peninsula in the 1980’s. All photos were taken with a 35mm film camera and the prints scanned. It was a lot of work so please enjoy. Better yet download a copy of my journal as an e-book for insights on how Mexico used to be. Misadventures in Mexico &…

Dancing crowd at a birthday party in Phnom Penh.

Birthday Parties

Timing is everything but you won’t find anyone clapping to rhythm when they are singing happy birthday in Cambodia. If it’s an adults birthday, most likely at a Karaoke bar with lot of alcohol flowing. If a child’s birthday, usually at home with lots of food and relatives and friends, plus mass consumption of alcohol.…

Constance and Anthony cameo during Texas Big Hair contest.

Friends, Friends, Real Friends

How can one define friends? Easy, people that tell it like is when they have genuine concern for you. If you don’t find yourself in this photo gallery, well, I just don’t have a picture of you yet!

Osacr, Srey Thy, and Scott Bywater embraces at a birthday party.

Oscar’s on the Corner 2016-2017

Sure you have heard the song- Holiday in Cambodia – But have you had the good fortune to have one there yet? A month long vacation in Phnom Penh to escape Cleveland’s cold and rejuvenate many friendships with Khmers and Ex-pats.

Book cover for A. A. Svechin - Military Strategy.

Aleksandr A. Svechin influence on Military Strategy

Aleksandr A. Svechin influence on Military Strategy Влияние Александра А. Свечина на военную стратегию The end of the Victorian Age introduced a modernization in the technologies used in tactical warfare.  However, strategy lagged behind in 19th Century mentality amongst military and political elites. The study of battle focused on the use of a decisive campaign to…

Icon for Slovakia country study article.

Slovakia – A Country Study

The Christmas of 1991 brought the unexpected collapse of USSR. After decades of imbibing on the lies of working towards socialism, the bottle had run dry. “Old habits of inertia pose massive obstacles to change.”1 The rejoicing, wouldhowever, be overshadowed by a socio-­economic hangover throbbing in the former Soviet satellites of Eastern Europe.2 Many of the…


International Telecommunication Union

The largest man-made structure on the planet is the immense telecommunication network. From mobile phones to communication satellites, this system has become a seamless part of daily lives and international relations. Being one of the fastest growing aspects of the 20th century, an era of great strife for humanity, one would expect its regulation to have been…


Vietnam vs. China -Conflict of Territorial Claims over the Spratley Islands

International Law Moot Court Activity Vietnam (applicant), vs. China (respondent) Anthony Mrugacz Rachael Bernstein (Attorney’s for China) – Dr. Gorman POSI 4356 Case No. Problem A Conflict of Territorial Claims over the Spratley Islands Counter Memorial Vietnam’s Memorial text is displayed in its entirety with China’s rebuttal to each point in italics. Vietnam v. China Memorial Vietnam’s Long…


Vietnam – A Country Study

Reviewing Karl Marx’s Revolutionary scorecard from the 20th century one finds very few active players on the roster. Non-industrialized East Asian nations, where communism was not supposed to work, have defied theory and survived as hybrid states. The Socialist Republic of Vietnam has been evolving into such an enigma. The economic opening up of a one-party state has…


Bangladesh – A Country Study

The People’s Republic of Bangladesh was brought into the modern world on December 16th, 1971, just shy of nine months after declaring it’s independence from West Pakistan. Resembling a premature birth rather than an energetic new state breaking away from West Pakistan, Bangladesh, in reality shares more historical development in common with India, which assisted its…