King June Bug versus Cicadazilla

Cambodian temple and statue.

King June Bug versus Cicadazilla, which insect will rule this summer? Gardens are blooming, economies booming, and we are ignoring inflation as best we can holding back on price increases. There have been few insects, hence the battle between King June Bug versus Cicadazilla has not materialized. Since springtime is a great time of year, … Read more

May Day Mayday m’aidez!

Back of white shirt on Portugal saying anthonymrugacz.con - Cleveland, Ohio USA.

May Day, Mayday, m’aidez! – we go nuts this month as springtime weather has arrived Our favorite season and month- wonderous back-to-life May is here very soon AND of course it is birthday month here at So let’s get things rollin’! BATTLE FOR VIEWS We recently added a number of views calculator on our … Read more