Chinese Long March 5B Rocket

Mrugacz rocket blazing into earth atmoshpere.

Chinese Long March 5B Rocket is making World Headlines!

Looking for some free Sino Space Junk from a Chinese Long March 5B Rocket? Scientist state exact entry point into the Earth’s atmosphere can’t be calculated but don’t let that stop you.

So that’s where you, the people of the earth, come in to help- find a piece, take a selfie with it once it has cooled down and we will send you a free t-shirt of your choice. You won’t find this offer anywhere else in the galaxy, so keep you eyes to the skies this weekend for a chance to score big. Offer to the 1st three Chinese junk scavengers that email us their glorious finds. Offer expires May 22nd, 2021.


Summer will soon be upon us and if your headed to a Portugese beach- why not strut your stuff ? Filipe is here showing off his new t-shirt from in Portugal. Now I have to ask myself, “Why do all the customers who send in selfies with our shirts all have beards?” Maybe we should start selling shavings kits! Yes we love when customers send in pictures of our shirts in exotic places. Pants are required.

3 Tshiert designs not related to Chinese Long March 5B Rocket.


Creativity and inspiration are hard to come by after montsh and months of lockdown. However the calculated use of Cuban-style espresso can easily drive the gears in motion when we need a few new designs for the Summer Season 2021. So here are a few samples. See the whole collection here.

Beautiful Ohio Flower Garden with no Chinese Long March 5B Rocket debris.


A year round adventure from Sylvia’s garden – the most beautiful spot in Northeast Ohio. Some people inherit riches, I have a been assigned a garden. And yes it has a blog. If you love working out doors to relieve the stress of it all take a look! It may not look much right now but by following my garden blog one can see the magical transformation of a dull Ohio landscape into a mini-garden of Eden.

Shelves of liqour in a Cambodian bar.


Sometimes all that outdoor work doesn’t releive the stress and you really really really want to wind down. Sure a ice cold beer is easy to pop open but try a fabulous cocktails- your’re worth it. We have released the cocktail recipes from the bar retaurant art gallery live music venue I manager in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Sure there are a lot of cocktails on the list you know but maybe, just maybe there may be something new! Download the recipes today for a better tomorrow.

Musicians, The Fumes, on stage at Equinox.


It seems I am not the only one who drinks way too much coffee. Brian Webster, the drummer for Phnom Penh’s THE FUMES, is roaring into retirement by making a documentary about the Phnom Penh Music Scene. Brian has found our website to be a good reference about the Golden Age of Barang (Foreigner) Music in Cambodia. His first documentary is now on YouTube- The Fumes in Phnom Penh – A Documentary.

Book cover by Anthony Mrugacz.


Nothing gets my goat like the use of buzzwords during interviews on radio and televison. As soon as I hear, “challenge”, “landscape”, “absolutely”, “conversation” and the like- I hit the off button and turn to a good book. Running out of interesting reads, well it’s freebie time for my subscribing members and anyone who wanders to my blog. Starting Saturday May 8th through Wednesday May 12th, 2021 get a free copy of my travel journal on Amazon: Misadventures in Mexico & Belize

A true story- a travel journal from 1991. Two Texans and one Chevy four wheel drive truck cross the Rio Grande River, Longe before GPSs, smartphones,and the free WiFi-, an adventurer just needed a whole lotta cajones to traverse mountains, jungles, & beaches south of the border. Living at times off the land, at other just day dreaming in a hammock.

There’s no pictures in the book but you can see all the scanned images from back in the day of 35mm film cameras with manual focus on my The world as I knew it in photography page.

Colored drawings of flowers better looking than a piece of Chinese Long March 5B Rocket.


As you may or may not know my colored pencil drawings are for sale by making an offer. One can see I accept PayPal and cryptocurrencies- BTC, XMR, IOTA, and BCN. We are now accepting it as payment for our colorful flower drawings. Make an offer on a drawings and no worries mate, I pay shipping on my end.

We appreciate you stopping by and reading this newsletter’s ramblings. All you travel nuts with friends overseas, let them know our designs are available just about worldwide- Australia, Germany, Japan, France, UK, and North America. Next issue we may reveal our brand story on how we picked up brush and canvas on a whim. Until next time.

Ciao amicos,


P.S. Can’t say our website name? Here’s how you say it!

P.S.S. Found a piece of that Chinese Long March 5B Rocket yet?

May Day Mayday m’aidez!

Back of white shirt on Portugal saying anthonymrugacz.con - Cleveland, Ohio USA.

May Day, Mayday, m’aidez! – we go nuts this month as springtime weather has arrived Our favorite season and month- wonderous back-to-life May is here very soon AND of course it is birthday month here at So let’s get things rollin’!

Almost 5 million views- calll for May Day, Mayday, m'aidez!.


We recently added a number of views calculator on our homepage and you can see we are rapidly approaching the 11,000 mark. But alas it is a drop in the bucket when compared to my photographs viewed on Google Maps. So here’s my birthday wish (won’t cost you a dime)- forward this blog post or my website URL to as many friends as possible and post on your favorite social media outlet. Let’s see if I can (with y’all’s assistance), as the underdog, give Google a run for its money…

“If you don’t have a dream, how can you have a dream come true?”
– Jiminy Cricket


What the heck, it’s my upcoming birthday month ( I stopped celebrating the day due to hangovers and spread the party out slowly over the entire month of May), so I would like to give to you my super secret hidden from the Soviets recipe for a great summer cocktail. It’s the only one I ever came up with and it’s called the “ឆ្ងាញ់” , pronounced “chhnganh”.

Just say ‘ch’nan” and that close enough. In English it means “delicious”, mix one up and you’ll agree.

In a shaker add ice, 1 shot of vodka, 2 heaping tablespoons of passion fruit, 1/2 shot white wine, and a 1/2 shot of strawberry syrup. Shake and strain into a chilled martini glass. Enjoy!

I will try and make one with passsion fruit juice from a carton since it doesn’t grow on trees in Ohio- ah ha ha. All I can say is that everyone who tried it, always ordered a second one. Cocktail was invented in Cambodia of all places. Have one if you find yourself calling ,”May Day, Mayday, m’aidez!”

Man and woman wearing Mrugacz design t-shirts.


The short sleeve Rogue shirts are on sale for just a few more days in April. Rumor has it inflation is headed to the US economy for mid-2021 and we will hold back an price increases as long as possible. And now that America is joining in mutual cooperation and communication with the rest of the world we have expanded our international brands using Amazon in Germany, France, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Tell your friends! Oh Australia, we didn’t forget about you- our products are available down under going here.

Paul Brooke wearing a Red Krakowianka t-shirt yelling May Day Mayday m'aidez!.


We will keep it short this newsletter and close with the thought that, yes, my products bring joy AND brings out the loco in you. Please send us a super selfie picture of you and our products with a comment and we will get you on our wall of fame/shame! Of course we plan on offering specials – this wild man was our 1st customer e-v-e-r and got a free shirt of his choice as a thank you for the support

NEXT ISSUE: free eBook, garden updates, more cocktails, maybe my fried chicken recipe, maybe our brand story, and a glance at some new designs. Be careful out there and don’t step on the cicadas!

Get that shot!

Ciao for now- Anthony