What’s in your NFT Wallet?

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IOTA logo used for Lizard Legion Chameleon Legionaries NFT collection by Mrugacz.

Black "NFT" letter in a gold sunburst, genuine seal by Mrugacz.


What’s in your NFT Wallet?

Always carry protection! One uses every known security protocol to protect assets but alas there is always one more. This collection of the ultimate lucky charms will ward of any evil spell attempting to access your IOTA Firefly crypto wallet. Grab one today, supplies are extremely limited. So when your asked, “Do you have protection?”, you can just whip this out as proof of ownership.

Quantum NFTs 2nd collection , “What’s in your NFT Wallet?” 3 ever ready IOTA Condoms

The alternative to slow and expensive blockchain, this collection of NFTs is based on the IOTA cryptocurrency. Think “tangle”, feeless, and easy to use wallet for the way forward in WEB3 decentralized economy. This fantastic set of collectible NFTS debuts May 1st, 2020.

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Ship and OpenSea text logo for NFTs by Mrugacz.

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