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Your asking yourself, I live in Europe or Japan, how do I get my hands on your shirts? Well Cats and Kittens, take off your Mittens- it’s gonna get hot worldwide as we now have real honest to goodness Amazon stores online! You can even shop our Amazon shirts in the USA. Here are the links- just choose your location:

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But Wait There’s More News than “Put it in His Sled – Free Shipping”

Sure it’s cool to know about our fabulous upgrade on Amazon Network. We haven’t fogotten about our neighbors to the great white north, Canada, and our proud neighbors to the south, Mexico. Now we have Amazon stores there offering our Notebooks, Journals, and eBooks. As as easy as following these respective links for a shopping adventure: Canada | Mexico

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So You want to be a Rock and Roll Star?

Khmer man overjoyed about our "Put it in His Sled - Free Shipping" blogpost.

We love when people send in selfies wearing our shirts, Tin, a staple of the Phnom Penh Death Metal music scene in Cambodia showing off his Cambodian Woman Khmer Tshirt and letting us know we are his number one website for ecommerce. Need a long sleeve version of this design? Check it our here.

Prefer to get it at Amazon USA or even Amazon Japan (カンボジアン 女性 ウォーターベアラー) – click away bong!

Listen to his band from Cambodia- Sliten6, 16 minutes recorded live at Equinox in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

More diverse free live recordings of concerts from the Golden Age of Barang and Khmer music here.

Put it in His Sled - Free Shipping on this gift for a Texas customer.

Maybe he is unhappy he did not win our customer of the year in 2021. That honor went to T. Angly in Spicewood, Texas in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. This year’s winner received an acrylic painting done by our CEO and a matching pocket size (5″x8″) 100 page hybrid dot graph / blank lined notebook. Did know we offer original design art for sale? View our portfolio with just on click. These notebooks are on our Amazon USA store and also available worldwide.

Our New Pocket Sized Notebooks are Special as Seen in this YouTube Video

Book cover for Khmenglish by Anthony Mrugacz.
Wow – it’s been called on of the Top English Slang Books in the World.

SLAM ON THE BRAKES – We are finishing up the editing and translating the latest edition of The Khmenglish Language Guide in its new tri-lingual format. It is available as an eBook or paperback on Amazon. Hold off on buying your copy and we will notify all y’all on our email list when its available. Additionally, we will update the Android App. So if you go and get a copy of the Khmenglish Android App now, you will be automatically updated via Google’s PlayStore.

Here’s the exciting news declaring we are 18th of the “41 Best English Slang Books of All Time”.

Here’s a one minute video to learn all about Cambodian English Slang – Khmenglish.

We recently too the plungs and joined Tik Tok, the only social media website that should require safety glasses, a seatbelt, plus a working airbag. Prefer to follow us on our every entertaining social media outlets- just choose your favorite:

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Time to get back to book editing, designing graphics for shirts, finsihing a painting, and struggling with dyslexia.

Be safe and thank a Veteran this week. The struggle continues…

Cheers, Anthony

P.S. dont forget ! Put it in His Sled – Free Shipping.

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