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All orders on Fine Art America come with a $100 gift certificate good towards your first purchase of wine on NakedWines.com!

I have a great online store on Fine Art America. Yes – really!

Whoops- ya missed it. Offer has expired.

Advert with a red winebottle, grapes, and a glass.

Naked Wines is a company based in Napa, California, that supports independent wine makers from all over the world.

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Independent artists and photographers + independent wine makers… it’s a perfect match.When you place an order on FineArtAmerica.com, we’ll e-mail you a $100 gift certificate from NakedWines.com… instantly.   It doesn’t matter how large your order is on FineArtAmerica.com.   If you order a single greeting card, you’ll still receive the gift certificate.Once you receive the gift certificate, all you have to do is visit NakedWines.com, enter in your gift certificate code, buy some wine, and you’re done!   Then, just sit back and wait for the wine to arrive on your doorstep.   

If the logistical stars are in alignment, maybe your wine and your order from Fine Art America will arrive at the same time!Before using your gift certificate on NakedWines.com, please note the following restrictions:Terms & RestrictionsThe $100 gift certificate is only valid for first-time buyers on NakedWines.com and can only be applied towards purchases of $160 or more.   You must be 21 years or older to redeem the gift certificate.   Wine can not be shipped outside of the United States.  

 Additional restrictions apply.   Void where prohibited.   See complete details at http://us.nakedwines.com/100voucher.   Naked Wines is not affiliated with Naked Winery (http://nakedwinery.com) in Hood River, Oregon. There is no minimum purchase required on Fine Art America in order to receive the gift certificate.   If you purchase a greeting card for $5, for example, you’ll still receive the gift certificate from NakedWines.com.


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