Suspect detained after investigation in Phnom Penh. –
Scoddy's pink boots on the dance floor.

My friend Don says, “I don’t know how you can do it every night”, but I do, I surely do.

Two monkeys on Oscar's sign in Phnom Pemh.So what is it I do? One definitely knows the expression, “Burning the candle at both ends”. To hell with that, just put the damn candle in the microwave. My “do” is to go at a pace until I hit a wall, the big wall. Sleep is for wimps and I lost a lot of it seeking out the Pink Booted Bandit.

A what? OK, here’s the skinny, a few weeks ago I headed out to video a local Phnom Penh band the Soul East Asian Soul Revue. Compromised of 2 Khmer Nationals, 2 Americans, and a Filipina singer, they are a need shot in the arm for the Phnom Penh music. Waiting for the opportune moment to digitally video the band, I seized the empty middle table and set my Nikon camera in perfect position. The SEASR kicked in to a song and a minute later out of know where an insanely happy customer danced his way right in front of my camera. Being determined to discover his identity, I returned to Oscars on the Corner nightly in hopes of revealing to the world the owner of those pink boots. Sho nuff, the pink boots returned to the scene of the crime at SEASR’s next show. To find out the person’s identity watch this video.


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