The Past has Returned Faster than a Mandalorian driving a Dolorean.

Good day Everyone,

So what am I going on about? 2021 has arrived covered in the dust of bad luck and yet glimmering with good memories of pre-pandemic life. As you know out website is focused on art and music from my experience, so let’s get to the business at hand.

Definitely not a photographer – I just enjoy taking pictures.

Nothing seems so spammy as a FaceBook message from a stranger and when a lad from Austin, Texas PM’d me, I thought, “Oh no here we go again!” But alas it was unreal when I read it and the new owner of my old 1987 BMW 325i (I sold it in 2008 to pay for a trip to Cambodia to be a volunteer election observer) discovered a computer hard drive in the trunk and he traced it back to me. Shazam! The long lost photographs of my trip to China, Hong Kong, and Macau in DEC 2004/ JAN 2005 were on it. I best be a bit more careful next time I change residence. Check out the recovered pictures.

Double Yikes – Is this what Orwell thought I would be doing in 1984?

Here’s a photo from a magazine cover from the Metro Club in downtown Cincinnati during the mid-1980’s. The bar staff and yes that is me on the left with no sleeves in black. Next to me is Sirocco who this past week moved on to the big stage in the sky. At the Metro I did the sound, booked the bands, bartended, and wrote concert reviews for our monthly self-published rag. Great memories and wild times in the ‘Nati. Mostly regional acts performed but also the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Love Tractor, Divine, and even Los Lobos played their recordinga King Biscuit Flower Hour. Coolest part is there was a disco on the 2nd floor that played music way ahead of its time. Oh I have so many stories to tell…

Name the Time, Name the Place…

The first band I worked with back in 1980 has lost its lead singer. A bootleg video from 1983 has surfaced on YouTube and I am attempting to remaster the audio- yes, you can download the mp3s for free. Learn more…

I feel good…
Woman wearing Mrugacz design t-shirt.

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Bet you didn’t know I graduated Cumma Sum Laude with a Bachelor’s Degree in Russian and Eastern European Studies, obtained a Master’s Degree in International Studies, and was also student of the year in my department in 2010 at Texas State University. So here’s a great way to start off the New Year by reading more! It’s a fairly quick read and would make a good escape from whatever politically induced reality your existing in right now. Hurry, it’s only a 5 day promotion.

And yes of course I have designs reflecting this historical era in my online shop. Check out YEAR ZERO and YEAR 1975

Get vaccinated and see you on the dance floor at Oscar’s soon!



P.S. I recently found this 11 second audio recording I thought I lost of Big Mike. It was the last message he left on my voicemail. My hope is it will bring joy into the hearts of those who knew and partied with him by hearing his commanding voice that told us so many stories and helped us create great lasting and wild memories of life’s good times.

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