The Ultimate Sub-woofer Project on a Budget. –
A 7 inch speaker being measured.

Here’s a step by step procedure to build something uniquely Cambodian!

The Phnom Penh Pumper Subwoofer – Build time ~45 minutes

1) Gather all the materials necessary. Remember used junk is better and building accuracy is not required. Just slap it together to make it authentic Cambodian style!

1) small speaker (~ 7 inch)-
Find cheap used speakers here
2) large paint bucket
3) PVC pipe (~2.25 inches diameter)
4) zip ties or hose clamps
5) 3x metal cans
6) silicon and gun
7) 7x screws
8) tools – screw driver, hammer,
and cutting tools



2) Measure the speaker front. This is the size of the hole to cut in bottom of bucket.










3) No draw a hole the same size diameter as the measurement in step 2.









4) Cut along the line to make a hole for the speaker. I used a diamond cutter on my Dremel. The Dremel tool failed after 5 minutes, it was a year old and Chinese, so I just took a knife and finished cutting the hole.




5) Place the speaker in the hole then take a small screwdriver and gently punch four (4x) to tap the mounting screws in. Afterwards put in the screws to hold the speaker in place. Notice the speaker is a bit off center. This gives it authenticity.






6) Punch three (3x) holes in the bucket and one in each tuna can in order to mount the feet. Now mount the three (3x) tuna cans to the bucket.





























7) Punch a hole with a large screwdriver for the speaker wire to exit the bottom. Insert the speaker wire.




















8) Connect the speaker wire to the speaker. Your choice, solder or crimp.









9) On the inside of the bucket use silicon to keep the screws locked in place on the tuna cans and speaker mount points. In addition,go around the edge of the speaker and the hole for the speaker wire with silicon to create a air-tight seal.

















10) Measure the height and circumference. Then cut the carpet and line the inside of the bucket. I did not attach the carpet as it easily stayed in place.






























11) Using the lid as a template draw a circle. Next cut inside the line so the circle made is small than the lip seal of the lid.




















12) Place the PVC pipe on the back of the speaker then draw a line just above the top of the bucket. Cut the PVC at line.









13) On the bucket lid draw a circle using the PVC pipe as a template. Cut a hole on the inside of the line.









14) Insert the PVC pipe into the hole. Place the lid on and slide the PVC pipe to it is directly over the speaker center and two (2) inches above. Remove the lid and wrap a zip tie or hose clamp on both sides of the lid around the PVC pipe to hold it in place. Again, use silicon to create an air-tight seal.

















15) Fold the previous cut circle made for the lide and cut in the middle. Make a second cut perpendicular. Slide over the PVC pipe on the inside of the lid and secure in place with a zip tie or hose clamp.


















16) Attach the lid and it’s ready to thump. You can run full range or make a crossover. I just run it full range.


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