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Two crazy Khmer people hug each other.

Cambodia is one of those odd places that no matter how you try to deal with it, you can always get surprised.

If anyone can figure out or ever understand WTF happened in this Facebook Messenger conversation, I would love to hear your comments below. My comments in blue and the black texts maybe a few different people but it was a female’s Facebook account. Seems the young lad had her Face Book password and was stalking her, yet at the same time her friend spoke better English and was typing her response. Either way it was a cluster flick proving once again no matter how extremely tiny one’s expectation is of Cambodia, it will always turn out bad to worse. Needless to say, I never really conversed with this gal again but gave her a nice painful pinch on the leg every time I walked by her. She yelled out, “Chew”, meaning “hurt” in Cambodian language. In response I would say, “Good luck to you and your boyfriend.” He can have the deceitful b&tch.

You work?


You want go eat rice with me when finish work?


Facebook or call me. 

Male Khmer voice leaves message- “Stop messing around with my wife or you will get in trouble!”

OK, I understand.
He is normal
Why he call me?
You not work?
frome where they call
Now he,s here
Sorry, I not know you have boyfriend.
You not work?
i m here boyfriend
I don’t understand. Why you send me picture of you and your boyfriend.

OK, good luck for you and your boyfriend.

Not so nice to lie to people.

they lie to him
want to eat?

I think it is better you stay with your boyfriend.

Why I want to talk with you if you have boyfriend?
i m not her boyfriend

You say before that: i m here boyfriend

my facebook my player

he love here

That is nice. Good for him.

Dose she love you

Cambodia only love money.

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